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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. mgoodman
    Correct. Since we now offer both 1/4" jack and a 1/8" (3.5mm) jack, the adapter is no longer needed. Rather, it's built in.
  2. eron
    It appears that the front panels used in marketing pictures are silver, while those actually used are black?
    Change them at some stage I guess.
  3. mgoodman
    Correct. The initial renderings, which you see on our website are black and white. We have abandoned that color scheme in favor of all black long time ago. It's a better look all around -- white didn't look right in actual metal.
    We will be revising the website as soon as the commotion with shipping. is behind us. We are planning to re-shoot some photos as well.
  4. jexby
    It looks like you have the M8 model with the 1/4 jack and 4-pin XLR?
    if so, could you take a "straight on" photo of the front face plate?
    I wasn't sure if that was also a 3.5mm jack now near the 1/4 jack or a output or some sort?
    I think this design/feature change slipped by me in past postings....
    +1 that it would be great if the CEntrance website had photos of the "final product" instead of the original design docs.
  5. thegrobe

    Huh....all this time I thought the front/rear panels in the renderings were silver. Shows what I know. All black is perfect anyhow, BTW.
  6. ExpatinJapan
    Fair enough. makes sense for the idevice version. cheap enough for me to pick up one anyways :wink:
    There were many photos posted on the blog
    and also on the Hifi-m8 impressions thread
    But of course if you werent camping this thread and the blog (like me) you could have easily missed them. [​IMG]
    annnd, the main website page hasnt been updated in eons to reflect some of the changes.
    there are a few more pictures on the impressions thread including a front on.
    its a 3.5mm standard headphone jack I believe.
  7. thegrobe
    Ah but no, I have been camping on this thread and on the blog as well.....And have seen the final black color for quite some time. But for some reason those front and rear panels that Michael mentioned were originally going to be white - for some reason always looked silver to me...?...Maybe I need to make some adjustments to my computer monitor rather than fiddling with audio gear all the time [​IMG]
    Anybody else think those original renderings looked silver/black? Or am I just a nit-wit? Doesn't matter now..ha ha  I like black anyhow. Slimming, smexy, Does this M8 make my iPod look big? Okay I'll shut up now....
    Keep at it CEntrance! Knock those bugs out- really looking forward to my unit!
  8. eron
    Oh wow! Indeed. I thought they were silver, but when I look closer, it's white!
  9. ExpatinJapan
    I took my hifi-m8 with me when i went shopping and it functioned well walking around and taking the train.

    I bought a small camera pouch to store it in when its in my bag to keep dust and gunk out of the openings, a gold plated to 3.5mm adapter for the large HP out to save stress on the smaller one and so two can listen at the same time and a power plug JPN adapter.

    'Who cares about your shopping' i hear you say. ' how does it sound'?.
    Wait for the full review i dont want to be misleading:) haha.

    But........ My early impressions from today were very positive, i dont really want to engage in hyperbole and hype.....but..... I found it very clear and engaging, the sound staging is awesome and 3D-ish, i found myself smiling and nodding my head often. Great sound imho, up there with the best portable dac/amps and dacs that i have tried.
  10. mitsu763
    I think this may have been covered before but is the digital signal from an idevice available at the optical output?
  11. mgoodman
    That's correct. The optical output has a digital copy of either the USB signal or the iDevice digital signal, depending on the input you choose. This allows you to use an external DAC and headphone amp.

    Having said that, we believe that the built-in DAC and HP Amp are so good, that having tried the external ones, you will go back to using M8 for everything (iDevice transport, DAC, HP amp).

    We gave you the output so you could try this out and compare. People requested an ability to A/B things with the M8 and we complied.

    It's a tweak product, "everything for everyone" it seems, and that's why it took so long... :)
  12. cardude Contributor
    But it will be worth the wait!!
  13. mitsu763
    Thanks Michael. I'm pretty excited about this product. Fortunatey for me I ordered in October!
  14. aamefford

    It's also a nice way to have your own source music and headphones to try someone's DAC and amp at a meet.
  15. ExpatinJapan
    The Hifi-m8 seems to be handling every type of music I throw at it beautifully.
    Most curious is noticing the various imbalances on my headphones by using the impedance switches(1ohm, 2 ohm, 11ohm), of course 1ohm works fine, but often when sometimes on 2 and often 10ohm the sound gets slightly imbalanced like my Fostex hp_p1 which has 10ohm. 
    1ohm output impedance makes it perfectly balanced on both ears. Wonderful.
    I havent played with the bass/treble switches much.
    Even Coldplay doesnt sound like a sibilant mess.[​IMG]
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