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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. bayac
    Just sent an email. I can't wait!
  2. elnero

  3. AudiOh
    just sent my request. I will spend the additional time they need to finish the unit to find a nice pair of used, balanced cables for my HD600s.
  4. seeteeyou
  5. Ksef10
    Hey Head-fiers,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the interest in HiFi-M8! As was mentioned, we are taking down 40 pre-orders at about $560. Anyone that is interested just needs to e-mail HiFi-M8@centrance.com. Please include your name and head-fi logon. These are the names that have stated they are interested in pre-order:
    For those that have already sent an e-mail, could you please send another with your head-fi logon if it was not included. We are compiling the list of the first 40 people and will then give ordering information.
  6. Yuceka
    I am confused with all these XLR and balanced jacks, inputs, outputs etc etc. Will this device have a jack for use of iems and low output impedance as well? If not, then I'll probably withdraw my pre-order and give my spot to someone else who can benefit it. 
  7. mgoodman
    Yeah - you are not the only one who's confused :) Sorry - it is in fact confusing, but the good news is that we are here to un-confuse this thing and make it right.
    HiFi-M8 makes it easy to swap the side panels and change out the connector. We plan to make enough side panels of each variety:
    - Two 3-pin combo XLRs, which double up as two 1/4" unbalanced jacks
    - One 4-pin XLR + One x 1/4" jack
    When emailing us about pre-order, please indicate which option you prefer. If we already have your email, we will respond to you and ask you about your preference. The price is the same for the 3-pin balanced or 4-pin balanced.
    We expect that most of the interest at this point is about the regular HiFi-M8, which is the Dual-Input USB/iDevice DAC.

    If you are interested in the LX model instead (replaces the iDevice input with optical SPDIF input), please let us know.
    The prices and conditions will be mailed out to you once you indicate your interest.
  8. seeteeyou
  9. shotgunshane Contributor

    I'm assuming this means I can share what I'm listening to with another single ended headphone? Any issues plugging two sets in at one time?
  10. fuzzyash
    such a hard choice between the intruder and centrance m8
    ill probably wait for the comparisons between the two
    about the centrance m8, it was posted earlier that it can be charged via usb (so no need to bring around the power plug)?
    can someone confirm this
    since im not really sure if you can run an audeze > m8 off usb power?
  11. Ksef10

    Yes, you can plug in two sets of unbalanced phones at once. Impedance and sensitivity specs for every headphone is different, so the output level may not seem the same if one set is harder to drive than the other. This means that if a pair of IEMS and LCD's are plugged in at the same time, the IEMS will be louder. If the headphones are the same or have similar specs, the output level would be the same on each.
  12. elnero
    Resent my email including my username and preference.
  13. eron
    To elaborate a little more for CEntrance:
    For either balanced output you choose, it will be able to accept 1/4" plugs. 
    1/4" to 3.5mm plugs adapters will be provided. These are really compact, and can stay plugged into the M8, so you can use it for your IEMs etc.
    CEntrance will have to answer the question regarding how well it suits ultra sensitive IEMs.
  14. qusp Contributor

    doubtful, i'd say the model they are using is PCB mount, all the premium audiophile types except cardas afaik are panel mount
  15. pekingduck
    x2. Would like to know too!
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