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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. mgoodman
    Double post - erased
  2. mgoodman

    That should be it...
  3. AndreYew
    Just emailed Stacie saying that I'm OK waiting for the bug fix.
  4. jexby
    obviously with a new product like the M8 "Just Shipping" direct comparisons are sparse, if not non-existent but:
    During the M8 development cycle, has their been any discussion in comparing the DAC/Amp quality/clarity/design against the Dacmini CX?
    Similar to how a few articles/reviews quote Michael G comparing the DACport to the Dacmini CX.
  5. ExpatinJapan
    New update on the blog, they are working on a Possible solution for the 24/96 via internet firmware update.

    I am still surprised at how fast the package traveled, it must have got all the right transfers.
  6. bayac
    Thanks Michael. I'll be anxiously waiting for my unit to come in.
  7. mgoodman
    DACmini is a little louder still due to wall powering. Sonic character is very similar.
  8. jexby
    Yet the M8 can also be powered via an AC wall adaptor as well-
    so is the DACmini CX "louder" a function also of internal power supply capacities/differences or ?
    just curious.  not a deal breaker to either product line for me.   :wink:
    thanks for the fast reply, I'm sure fellow users will begin divulging their listening M8 experiences soon.
  9. ExpatinJapan

    Annnd, it has arrived!

    Thanks again Centrance.
  10. Audiowood
    I got a PM from Mike that Stacie is under the weather, I have been assured that communication is underway. I order it on Oct 19th and have not got a reply as well. I trust that this will be taken care of eventually.
  11. Audiowood
  12. mgoodman
    We had to limit the output power in the M8 ever so slightly to allow longer battery operation. With DACmini, it's full power.
  13. edm230

    Oh good!!!
    You are the number one in Aisa:-O
  14. mgoodman
    We've had a frantic couple of days here. Trying to choose the best course of action wrt shipping vs. not shipping. As reported on the blog, we will be prototyping a solution on Monday. Meantime, we will be shipping out LX units, which are immune from this issue, and communicating with those preorder people who have requested a current unit ASAP. Those ppl who absolutely need 24/96 and are willing to wait, will get a simpler solution, avoiding the hassle of sending things back and forth, but they will get it slightly later.
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Michael is the bundled adapter still part of the plan?
    Or has this changed for units such as the idevice model which now has 3.5mm out. If so then I understand.
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