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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. ExpatinJapan
    I don`t know mW vs W specs sorry.
    *Lil` help?  Thanks in advance.
  2. pekingduck
    1W = 1000 mW
    That means the M8 is many many times more powerful than the Fostex or Sony.
  3. firev1
    1.5W is equal to 1500mW, milli being 10^-3 
    Anyways for those needing the math done for figures on the Centrance site, here is the output power for each ohm rating
    699 mW @ 32 ohms (still verifying)
    241 mW @ 300 ohms (still verifying)
    132 mW @ 600 ohms (still verifying)
    *calculations are base of dbV to Vrms figures
    I take it above measurements are for one amplifier and going balanced will double the above numbers. Impressive though, better than any competing device in the market.
    Edit: grammar
  4. ExpatinJapan
    Thanks guys!
    *any input on the plug situation/query?
  5. firev1
    Centrance said they will provide a update on it but not in this show as it was quite late to change the design now, so they will provide something for the plug situation afterwards. Kind of regret not starting the conversation here earlier =3 
  6. elnero
    It sounds like Michael has being going back and doing some redesigning based on the feedback he's had here so I wouldn't be surprised to see three versions at release.
  7. fuzzyash
    i have my eyes on either these or the rsa intruders
    its going to see interesting to see the comparisons as these are around the same price and size
    on their blog, they mention the main version with combo XLR jack and another version with separate 4 pin XLR/ 1/4" jack
    "CEntrance likes to listen to cutomer feedback. We received a lot of feedback and have been working hard in the last couple of weeks to update the look of the front panel. While we are not done yet, we can tell you that we are seriously considering a separate version, which would contain a 4-pin XLR jack for balanced headphones and a 1/4″  jack for unbalanced headphones.
    In this new version, we will likely keep the XLR jack location on the right, swap the Combo with 4-pin and replace the XLR on the left with the 1/4″ jack. Not sure if there is space for the 3.5mm jack."

    which one would be priced cheaper? 
  8. elnero

    I expect both versions would be priced the same. The LX version that doesn't have the iDevice connection is expected to be cheaper though, I suppose that also depends whether they put an optical connection in place of the iDevice connection as has been suggested.
  9. pekingduck
    HeadphoneAddict has posted some initial impressions of the M8: http://www.head-fi.org/t/623236/rocky-mountain-audiofest-denver-co-oct-12-14th-2012#post_8777555
    Thanks Larry [​IMG]
  10. MorbidToaster
    YES. 4 Pin out? Bought. For sure. 
    After hearing a really awesome pair of Paradox cans today I kind of want some to pair with the M8. 
  11. firev1
    Absolutely sounds like a winner. Already the DACmini is a very very fine DAC/amp, really can't imagine bringing something that level around with me. On another note, are the measurements for power posted on the site for unbalanced mode? Or else they do not make sense with the 1.5W total output(which is achievable if the measurements in dbV are in unbalanced)
  12. fuzzyash
    im bit inexperienced about balanced plugs
    so its 2x 3 pin plugs they're using, or 1x 4 pin plug?
  13. qusp Contributor
    seems like they listened to..erm...some members requests :p and fitted a 4 pin, nice move guys! still not small enough for my taste, but understandable given 4 pin fullsize still has more penetration than mini XLR
  14. MorbidToaster
    There's going to be 2 different models that cover both.
  15. Armaegis
    Assuming the balanced config offers double the voltage swing, that's actually 4x the power assuming the channels can supply that much current.
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