The Breitling Thread
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Headphoneus Supremus
Nov 20, 2006
I just got my Breitling Aerospace back from a full overhaul at the Hong Kong service centre. I had minor service done a few times in Toronto but it was a third party agent and they never got it quite right. Hong Kong might have the highest per capita luxury watch ownership of any city so it can support an official Breitling office. They really do a great job. My Aerospace is twelve years old but almost $500 and many weeks later (including some replacement parts), it is polished and fully returned to its original glory inside and out. It could be brand new.
I really missed this watch. If there are any other Breitling enthusiasts out there, share and show your love! (Or if you are interested in owning a Breitling, let us introduce you to a diffferent way to apologise for your wallet.)

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I can join you if you accept fake Breitlings.  
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I also have an Aerospace.  I bought it used and sent it to Breitling USA a few years ago for service.  It came back looking brand new.  It gets the most wrist time of all the watches I own, mainly due to its practicality.  I'm a researcher and use the chronograph + timing bezel to time experiments. 


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