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***** The Black Beauty *****

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  1. preproman
    For Sale
    I'm selling my Cavalli Audio: Liquid Lightning MK 2T [Solid State] AKA the Black Beauty.  I'm the original owner. The manufactured date of the amp is August 2015 (8 / 15).  I got the amp brand new in October of 2015 and barely used it.  So the amp is practually brand new.  It's not fully burned in yet.
    I preferred this amp much more than the KGST I owned.  In a side by side comparison the LL2T SS had more authority and produced micro details better.  The LL2T SS out performed the KGST with the 009 and the 007 MK1s.  
    The only reason I'm selling the amp is because I hardly have the time to listen anymore.  So I've become an one amp owner, thus the BHSE is on the way and I will be done with owning only the BHSE.
    If the BHSE was not an options this is the one amp I would own.  I prefer it to many of the KGSSHVs I've heard over the years. 
    This is a great opportunity to own this terrific amp at a discounted price.
    I have all the original boxes and paper work the amp came with.
    Buyer pays pay pal fees and shipping fees.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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