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The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by adanac061, Apr 8, 2009.
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  1. maniacal71
    The tiny wire is supposed to be attached to the fixed part and not removed in the first place, the plate is unscrewed to solder with the cable before screwing it back so as to avoid any over heat on the voice coil so it is a good design, unless ...... you didnt realise this.
  2. Acix
    The driver is indeed almost perfect design, except the tinny wire conection. A good design is should be clear to you (the simple the best), and without to be attached to moving parts that have screwed and can be unscrewed... but what is done is done, there no point blaming Beyer for this wire design...I was just wondering if the new Beyer drivers keeps the same wire patent/ construction.
  3. maniacal71
    What i meant was that the tiny wire is fixed and should not be removed, theyt design the removable plate to detach so you wouldnt damage the tiny wired voice coil by overheating while soldering.  I bet a driver replacement is in order. I have never sucessfully soldered a voice coil mainly due to its fraglility, but alas it is possible with a quick swipe of the wand (solder iron) Good Luck and Happy Holidays.
  4. Acix

    Yeah, I hope nobody should need to deal with this wire ever! BTW, I still don't have a full assessment of the wire damage on all of 4 drivers...how much will be to order a new driver?
    According to the 48E manual, looks like the model number @ 25 ohm will be the, 51-11-00. I wander if the S series have a different part number.
    Happy Holidays to you too! [​IMG] 
  5. maniacal71
    I dont see a different part number but you could enquire via the Beyer Help line, if they dont have you just need matching paired drivers, the problem i faced with soldering fine wires is that they dont stick well after soldered due to different melt points and considering i didnt want to overheat the coil, but silver solder would be the best choice. I think the price of the driver was mentioned in this thread previously, To overcome all the hassles, buy another on ebay, send the damaged ones to a qualified person for repairs. Check out the DT250 250ohm appreciation thread too, seems like another Fanboy Kool Donunus Ice is brewing some interest there.
  6. MDR30
    That's not entirely true, as the pole pieces and the magnet are not fixed, only put in place by magnetic force. These three pieces may be put out of place, so take care.
  7. HaVoC-28
    DT-48E-200 ohms at home . Again . I still haven't recabled my DT-48 Kudelski [​IMG] , not enough time to go to  the recable Shop ...
    I don't know why i returned them the first time , yes they are heavy and clamp quite hard but doing some break every hours ,and it's OK , with time it will be better . 
    Now i just have to recable the Kudelski and get another K702 and i am done with headphones [​IMG] . (and peraphs another Auditor + V800) .
    AD2000/K702 as Open headphones , 2  DT-48 as closed and DT-770 Pro LE as portable [​IMG]
  8. knight13
    A pair of DT 48 S
  9. Deep Funk
    The DT48S-5, the white S-version will be tested and measured by Anaxilus and Purrin. My DT48 was out of use anyway so we'll see what turns out...
  10. maniacal71
  11. Acix
    The S should be measured flat. both are the 5 ohm? 
  12. monsieur-hulot
    Hello Heads Filled [​IMG]
    I just bought an "old" DT48 mono and would like to convert stereo. How to do ?
    Thank you to you all, with love from France. ...(you can see my oldie below.)
  13. maniacal71
    Sir you would just need to install a stereo plug.
  14. monsieur-hulot
    Thank you for the fast answer, Maniacal71 :)
    Where to find a plan to weld (solder ?)  the threads correctly?
  15. maniacal71
    Yes solder on a stereo jack, join the ground together and Left and right, solder these 3 points.
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