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The Beyer DT150 Experience

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by donunus, Feb 16, 2010.
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  1. Synthax
    You may try. Beyerdynamic make durable things. Dt150 are very very durable. This plug to me seems to be solid. Give it a try
  2. MrTechAgent
    True....lets see how it holds up with time ! 
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  3. Darkimmortal
    Definitely not a problem
    If you ever damaged it, it's easy to replace the cable or disassemble to resolder
  4. MrTechAgent
    That is good to hear , the modular construction of Beyers sure is quite handy ! 
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    https://www.instagram.com/kaldasresearch/ http://kaldasresearch.com/
  5. Arttt
    I just opened a bouttle of fine Ale, got comfortable in the chair, and preferred dt150 over t5p )
  6. smcc44
    I have already owned Mad Dog ver 3.2 - a T50rp mod by Mr.Speakers.
    Although they are certainly interesting and competent and analytical I never could warm to their sound signature. And of course they are power hungry. I recall they gave a port-hole sound that spoiled it for me...
    The Dt 150 beats them in almost every respect from the point of view of enjoyment. Much more musical. I have them a year at this stage and I have used them as a test bed for a new Velvet earpad cover I developed and they have been fantastic.
    These and the Shure SRH950 are for me, both keepers - I gave the Mad Dogs to my sister (what does she know....).
    So the Dt 150 and SRH950 compliment each other brilliantly - DT 150 has the warm(but not thumping) base. The Shures have a sparkling high which gives great drama to classical and string sections.
    Both of these are un-put-downable cans and I am forever switching between them.
    The ideal headphone would be a combination of the two...
    Somebody here on this forum mentioned that Beyer probably accidentally made the DT 150s so good - by fluke.
    That is probably true and might also apply to the SRH950s. Ir you look at the curve for these they don't exactly look great - they are a bit misbehaving. Especially the THD graph. But somehow Shure got away with it and the overall result is fantastic sparkly highs which at the same time being warm and dark with great character.
    So long live both of these cans.
  7. Mortenhoe
    Hi, I'm from Denmark.
    I just bought a pair of OLD Beyerdynamic DT-150 for 25$.
    They seem to have had a tough life, with ear pads worn, and cable in headband worn.
    There was a bad connection in the headband cable, which I replaced with a piece of RCA cable.
    After the headband cable was replaced, I noticed a small difference in the bass left to right, so I decided to make a new cable from amp to headphones. Now the bass is the same in both sides.
    Since the ear pads are worn, I ordered a couple of velour pads for the DT-100 series, which should fit.
    This results in me having a couple of f***ing awesome DT-150's for around 40$ bucks.
    Given the condition of these headphones, I reckon they are indestructible.
  8. zanox
    These headphones have a magical sound. Pure euphoria. The sound is dense but doesn't lack treble sparkle unlike like the HD 6xx series and LCD 2. the treble is so smooth and grain free yet sparkles sweetly. so refreshing.
    Acoustic music sounds downright euphoric with these cans.
    I suggest you guys to download Guster's popular album Parachute. They make great acoustic music.. their songs sound sublime with these cans.
  9. Tiemen
    Don't throw away the pads. They look alright from the picture.
    Those old ones are more comfortable than new DT 150 pads. Just in case you don't like the DT100 velours.....
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