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The Beyer DT150 Experience

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by donunus, Feb 16, 2010.
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  1. MrJohnny
    Roger that! any one selling 150s
    ??/ used or????:D
  2. donunus
    By the way, I'd like to add that the c.moy setting of the bs2b crossfeed in foobar is just heaven with the velour padded dt150s. I cant imagine even hd800s giving me more pleasure with my metal music than this \m/
    In the above configuration the dt150/velour pads is the best headphone I have ever heard with Metal Music! EVERRRR :D
  3. Tiemen


  4. phandrew


    Shipping is £3.50 to Australia.
  5. Azathoth
    I just got my pair today (bought them from donunus actually), and these are absolutely awesome - my search for a closed circumaural can has now ended. I had previously lusted for a recabled Ultrasone HFI-780, but after 30 minutes on these I've now forgotten all about those.
    First impressions, running them out of the Nuforce uDAC's HP out, playing FLACs of Iron Maiden, Blue Oyster Cult, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Al Di Meola, Testament and Behemoth (velour pads)

    - no bass bloat typical of closed cans, voluminous yet taut and punchy
    - midrange is deliciously visceral
    - ridiculously quick dynamics
    - balance is just about perfect, performs all genres well, very musical quality to them
    - high end extends quite nicely with no fatigue factor
    - they're smaller than I thought they'd be
    - top shelf build quality, these are built to withstand ragnarok
    - just the right amount of clamping force, very comfortable
    - the cord is insanely long (nitpicking here)
    - They have a vinyl/analog-like sound sig, it feels like i'm listening to my cassette copy of Powerslave all over again

    If I may make a bold statement, these wipe the floor with the other Beyers i've heard - the DT770 (80 and 250 ohms) and DT880 (600 ohms, fed by the Audio-GD C2C). Those sounded cloudy or off compared to this.
  6. Azathoth
    These are continuing to surprise me with their all-around capability, they can do any genre quite well.

    I prefer the stock pleather pads on:

    - black metal
    - bestial black/death metal
    - doom metal (that extra rumble is yummy)

    Velours are best for:

    - '70s-80s rock and classic metal
    - technical death metal
    - speed/thrash metal
    - jazz fusion
    - guitar instrumentals
  7. dogears
    Final answer? Hehe. Hope I can try them one of these days :) Congrats dude
  8. webspider
    Headphone list up to now: Skullcandy Lowriders -> Koss Porta Pro -> Beyerdynamic DT 150 (200Ohm)
    I love their clarity, the dry mids and the snappy and textured bass, regardless whether I listen to drum and bass, hip hop, jazz or other music. If the comfort was better, these would be my headphones for the rest of my life :wink:
    So thanks for the recommendation head-fi, I really dig these ones, probably one of the best closed phones ever with a kind of oldschool-style I also love.
  9. Tiemen


    Comfort can be improved with DT100 cloth ear pads.
    You will lose a little bit on soundstage though.
  10. webspider
    I'll get the DT100 Pads later and maybe a shorter cable, does something like a 1.5m long cable with a 3.5mm plug exist for this can?
    I haven't believed in burn-in before, but the bass quantity has enlargened a bit and the mids became kind of meatier after some weeks of using them. It could also be a placebo effect, but regardless what it is, I'm loving it :D
  11. Exit Pupil
    i was so stunningly impressed with my first pair of DT150 that i hurried out and got another pair and put them on ice. i got the velour pads at place of purchase, but prefer the sound with the original pads. the bass recedes with the velour and other various things happen obviously due to the fact your ears are closer to the drivers and the velour soaks up a huge amount of energy. there may be some genres that the velour would suit more, but i haven't found any yet.
    these kill my poor HD650 in every category it is embarrassing, with wonderful easy and lucid bass on the DT150 which is barely perceptable to the human ear through the HD650s. the mids are better, the treble is at least as good. the sound stage is larger. i just did a four way comparo with my 770pro80, HD650 and Ultrasone Pro900.
    the DT150 is just in another class to all of these phones. I am refining a very subtle mod on the ultrasones in an attempt to bring them near DT150 standard. my hearing is good, so the ultrasone's upper frequencies were firing darts at my ears leading me to reduce the volume, leading to reduced bass and mids compared to the DT150. the midrange of the pro900 has improved massively with brutal burn in, and some simple small felt pads stuck to the inner metal plate does a great job of killing the high frequency overdose without destroying the bass or the sparkle.
    open versus closed cans? it means **** to me. my ears and brain know what they like best and i haven't heard open cans this good. i'll use my open loudspeakers which are in another league altogether to all above if i must have 'open' for the sake of it.
    i totally believe the post about selling the R10 for the DT150. I've heard $30K stax which sound far inferior.
    whoever said the DT150 has a vinyl sound is spot on.  a beautiful valve/vinyl sound, yet with a modern snap and drive to the dynamics, and a smooooth upper end which is pure class.
    my honest opinion is that this phone is a fluke of design and engineering. Beyerdynamic never intended it to be this good in their wildest dreams. it just works somehow.
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  12. Azathoth


    I'm with ya on both points. Seriously, these are ridiculously good headphones that I would buy again in a heartbeat should anything happen to my pair. I'd never thought I'd find my perfect headphone for metal in a closed design, they totally slay the HD650's which sound slow and stuck in a tar pit. The dry analog-ish quality to their sweet mids enhances the old school feel of the '70s-'80s music I play on them! :)
  13. lessblue
    Would the DT150s benefit from a tube or solid state amp?
  14. joelpearce


    Seriously, though, the DT150s are some of the easiest headphones I own to amp properly.  As long as they are getting a reasonable level of juice, they'll play pretty well with any equipment.  I do like how they sound with my tube amp, but they do equally well with a desktop SS amp.  If you find them too bright, a tube amp will help with that, but solid state makes them sound really really tight.  Guess it's all about preference.
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  15. bagofsuck
    Recently purchased these headphones after some advice on here, currently waiting for them to arrive, certainly looking forward to it based on the reviews so far, just had my Audinst Hud-mx1 arrive yesterday, so will have to sufice to using that coupled with some Bx5a monitors in the meantime.
    I was going to go ahead and purchase the velour pads but after hearing people say they prefer the original pads due to personal preference, i'll hold off and let my ears decide if I really do want/need them.
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