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The best speaker cables I have ever heard *** photos ***

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  1. downsize
    Because my interconnect thread was so successful, I added this thread too ... LOL
    6N purity copper foil that is .006 thick and 13 ga. Constructed using double sided teflon tape using a synthetic adhesive which sticks to teflon, and the tape is only .007 thick. The outer layer of teflon tape is also .007 thick.
    The most open and transparent speaker cable I have personally ever heard in my 25 yrs of audio pursuit.
  2. Lenni
    another beautiful job. how much did they cost to make, material only, may I ask?
  3. dura
    This seems easy and affordable to try out for many of us; could you please mention the exact parts used?
  4. downsize
    The tape can be ordered from any major tape supplier, but it has to be made to your specs .... as double sided teflon strips are not something they would ever stock. There is a minimum order usually, as i had to order 25 100ft rolls, and it is fairly expensive. The outer teflon tape also had to be made up, but was much less expensive due to the single sided construction.
    The foil can just be inductor foil if you want. I bought the 6N stuff from a medical instrument company that supplies parts for surgical machines. It was also VERY expensive, but I got a good discount, because my wife is a nurse and knows the Rep.
    These cost me about $350 for an 8ft pair including the techflex and connectors. They are not overly difficult to make, as long as you take your time. The tape is VERY sticky, so mistakes are not repairable !
  5. dura
    Interesting, thanks!
  6. downsize
    You can come out MUCH cheaper, and still get good results if you use foil from a Goertz inductor, and Poly propelene tape instead. Got to findtape.com for the poly pro tape.
  7. DaveBSC
    Very interesting design. I wonder how they would compare to the Omega Mikro ribbon cables, which are suspended in a copper wire "mesh" which is then charged with a battery. I would like to try Omega Mikro stuff sometime, just because their cables are so unusual.
  8. Lenni
    I wonder how it'd compare to the Goertz's. if I hadn't just bought a pair of IC's I'd probably ask downsize if he'd send me a pair. It'd be nice to get some comparisons
  9. downsize


    I have never heard those cables Dave .... but as far as I know, NONE of the other foils I have ever heard of use anything more than 99.95% purity copper, and the ones i make are a medical grade 6N purity. I can't personally imagine getting much better sound from speaker cables as what I get from mine, but am open minded enough to hope to find even better !
  10. downsize
    I used to own two different Goertz cables .... The MI2, and the AG3 .... and these are just way more natural and balanced to my ears. They also dig out more information, due to their thinner conductors and insulation.
  11. customNuts
    Very impressive downsize. I'm jealous!
  12. downsize
    If anyone wants to make their own pair of these, using the same materials I did, I still have enough of the supplies for one more pair. Pm me if you want to buy the remaining supplies from me, for less than I paid for them. The only thing I ask, is you write a review of your opinions of the cable and post it up.
  13. krmathis Contributor
    Another excellent cable job. Well done!
  14. unfairlane
     I remember years back when the CFC copperfoil filtercoils appeared a lot of people went lost in this foil-thing because they didn`t realise why the foil-coils were superior to the round thread as coils. My wery-high-end buddy had made up a set for his 4-way active JBL diy`s and showed them to me proudly.
     Since he was rebuilding his house I knew he had some std solid core copper 12awg-based cable leftovers, so I asked if I could cut it up for a compare.
    He has never used his copper foil cables again.
     Me I`m using a bunch of 9awg`s on my 4-way; 4x9awg to each post for basses, 2x9awg to the low mids aso.
     Thick solid core is the way to go, not flat, stranded or anything, just big enough to not restrict the amp.  
  15. downsize


    Thick solid core cable is the absolute worst possible choice. I have tried it in ALL gauges and configurations. It smears the bass, and SERIOUSLY rolls off the highs. This is very easy to measure. ANY solid core larger than 18ga will rolll off the highs ... FACT.
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