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The best portable amp

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dobrescu george, Apr 3, 2011.
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  1. Trinicans
    Of these amp discussed here, what is the opion of the best suited/matched to the Sennheiser hd 650?
  2. Dobrescu George
    trinicans, i am asking something like that.... but... i want to get an amp... fuc k it!... i just needed something solid state, i do not want tube amp anymore, because i have to change the tube, and for a solid state i need something to be budget, and to rock off... buget means about 500$... and i accept portable or not...
  3. estreeter


    Friend, I appreciate your frustration, but we try to keep the F word to a minimum on HF - failure to do so means that we become just like any other trash-talking forum on the Net. Please assist us in our aims.
    In my case, I have my finger over the 'Submit' button on a PayPal payment for an amp that I have been looking forward to for a considerable number of months, and another Head-Fier has to come along and tell me that a *cheaper* amp is pushing all his buttons. Fortunately, I have been here long enough to know that, sooner or later, we have to actually make a decision and BUY SOMETHING. My advice is to put yourself out of your misery. I have, and I feel better already :)
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    iBasso Audio $263.00 USD 1 $263.00 USD

  4. Dobrescu George
    i see... not really, i am not really using the f word that often, but, sometimes the things are like, nobody really says something rellevant... everybody started to talk about the imbuding of stepdance, not how good is it, or how good is it compared to xm6 from practical.... 
    i have to at least ask about headphone amplifiers names, under 500$.... because i do not know much about those...
  5. b0wl1ng


    Their is no wonder amp that will cater for all headphones, as estreeter said you have to make your own conscious decisision at some point and run with it.
    the ibasso in his last post would be a good start for you as you can tune it to your own tastes, (op amp rolling) looks a great price and has had only good reviews.
  6. b0wl1ng


    I can spell, honest I can , Decision, and There not Their, off thread,sorry but its friday and the sun is shining.
  7. estreeter
    Relax bowling - its Friday night here - time for beer and forgetting about audio :)
  8. b0wl1ng
    Ain,t that the truth, LoL, 11.am here, a glorious sunny day (and week-end apparently) this is rare in the UK, bowling is bowling this afternoon, beers to follow.
  9. Severanth
    Tis a beauty of a day isn't it.  More on track, i just received my silver/copper hybrid balanced cable.   Little bit of audio bliss with  HD 650 and RSA SR-71B.
    When I was in same situation as you Trinicans and fellas my logic was to buy the best possible amp I could afford and that would allow me to upgrade cans with (portable being 1st criteria).  
    I listened to the iBasso PB2 balanced at the London meet it does a good job, it is a quality amp.  But I am glad I choose to spend the extra ££ for the 71B.  Which was a relief as i was worried about having spent to much on the amp.
    my 2 cents. :)
    oh and the guy with the PB2 just ordered a 71B [​IMG]  
    I missed listening to the Lyre and JustAudio??  ( think that was the one, it was mentioned earlier on this thread).  So cannot help there.  Enjoy the music all.
  10. Dobrescu George
    i know, i know... can just someone just (f-word) post names of portable or not protable amplifiers... under 500$?... i just need some names, people... i do not know any names of amplifiers....
  11. Stevtt Contributor
    I feel your Pain. Just go to Ray Samuels website and look up the hornet. It will drive them and you can get it way under 500.00. you are going to need a 1/4 inch to mini adapter
  12. Severanth
    @ skerry,   The Skylab Review Portable Amp Roundup is what you need to use for reference.
    Besides the lack of the iBasso PB2 as mentioned before it is a great reference and over all feel for a very large number of portable headphone amps.
  13. SowonAoD
    Some top models of ibasso such as d12 or p4 are not reviewed. What a pity!
    Btw, anyone could tell me the overall sound signature of ibasso amps?
  14. estreeter


    Cant help you with the D12, but I will have a review of the P4 up by the end of April. The problem with the latter is that you can tailor the sound signature - iBasso have aimed it at those of us who want to swap opamps - but I found the D4 to be relatively neutral out of the box. Mike at Headfonia characterises their amps as 'bright', but that is in direct comparison to the RSA 'house' sound. If 'bright' means energetic/dynamic and resolving, then I'm with Mike, but some people run a mile as soon as they see the word 'bright' in a set of impressions. As I said, the ability to change opamps renders a lot of this mute, and HeadphoneAddict reported that he thought the D4 was very close in sound signature to Ray's P-51 Mustang after he had done some opamp rolling - its in the massive Skylab thread referred to earlier.
  15. SowonAoD
    Sound great! But will they get on well with a neutral and analytical iem such as ck10?
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