The best earphone in the world......
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Jan 20, 2005

1)Ultimate Ears UE-10 PRO
2)Westone ES3
3)Sensaphonics ProPhonic Soft 2X
4)Future Sonics MG4
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Out of the ones you have listed, I've only read reviews here about the Ultimate Ears UE-10 PRO. They are said to be among the top when it comes to canalphones. I don't own a set so you might want to do a search on UE-10 pro to check out the reviews and other member comments.
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I have the UE-10's and they are as good as I could imagine them getting. It amazes me every day I listen to them that these little things put out the sound that they do. I felt like I was in a nightclub the other day listening to some house/techno stuff. But I havent heard any of the others you listed. So I dont know. But if there is a better one, from what I have read, I would be confident saying it is the Sensaphonic's. Thats IF they are better. I think its more a different sound than a better sound.
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In my humble opinion, the best earphones in the world are the Ultimate Ears Ue-10 PRO because it will take several thousands of dollars to surpass their extreme transparancy, speed, and details along with high sound isolation in one pair of full sized headphones. Sure, they're the most expensive custom IEMs in the market, but after you hear the first note of the first bar in your favorite musical genre: you will instantly feel deep down in your gut that the money was well worth it.

I ain't trying to sound snobbish or elitist, but I am fully satisfied by mine. I can literally afford to go out and buy more expensive full size headphones such as the Grado PS-1, but I don't feel it is necessary to do so now. The Ue-10 PROs have kept me from spending more thousands of dollars (for now) on more expensive headphones because the sound is so musically satisfying. Every time I listen to music through mine, it's like a totally absorbing and enveloping musical experience. I got to stop what I'm doing to listen to the music actively with total focus and dedication when I use my Ue-10 PROs. No lie, I'm listening to the Grado SR-60s now just to type this paragraph.
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Just to echo the two previous posters. As an aside a new technology has been announced by Creative Labs, yeah I know their sound cards suck and I use an EMU, using a form of induction to transmit the signal from the source to the headphones. This does away with radio etc. Would be interesting if this can be applied to canal phones.


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now whoever started this thread is just mean...

the ue-heads and the sensa-heads have finally started to break some ground when it comes to getting along. someone just had to go ahead and say, let's get ready to rumbllllllllllllllllllllle!!! pitting the sensas in one corner and the ue's in the other? (of course the other canalphones you mentioned are not even contenders ; )

but seriously, we've all been trying to figure this out: if its the ue's that are better or the sensas. i think the real and best answer has emerged, they're just different.

Of course this answer is hardly satisfying enough, because as headfiers, "needing to know the difference" is often more than enough justification for shelling out hundreds, and in the case of custom iem's, thousands of dollars. so far i have resisted the urge, but to be honest i can see the ue army far-off in the distance coming to attack my sensa castle. i can only hope that the sensa walls remain strong to the almighty ambush of curiosity.

that being said...

while people spew godly comments about their ue's, i will continue to spew godly things about the sensas. i just loaded up the new keane cd onto my ipod and good god that shyte sounds amazing on the sensas. some of the best recorded vocals i have ever heard. So lush, so full, such deep bass, such impeccable highs, it's truly perfection at it's best...if that even makes sense.

the sensas are absolutely perfect, in every single way to me. they have all the lows i could ever want, and all the highs i could ever think possible while still avoiding sibilance. that to me, is as good as it gets. it just can't sound any better. it's friggin' live music in my head anywhere i go, anytime.

an ipod and the sensaphonics really changed my life. everywhere i go, my ipod and sensas come with me. really, the ipod-sensaphonics is the imaginary friend i would have had when i was younger, if i had had an imaginary friend when i was younger.

god i freaking love my sensaphonics.
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Originally Posted by PhilS
It's definitely one of those five.

Stax SR-001 > * as long as * isn't custom-molded. When you get into custom molds, then it's a close call. But, you can also (probably) make custom molds for the 001

This is something that I'm going to do eventually (meaning in about half a year or so), and I will definitely share the results of my trials. The SR-001 is definitely superior to the ER-4 and E5c, but so are most of the ones that have been mentioned.
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Originally Posted by clackman

Fit would be a problem there...


Originally Posted by RRL

1)Ultimate Ears UE-10 PRO
2)Westone ES3
3)Sensaphonics ProPhonic Soft 2X
4)Future Sonics MG4

I don't think it's possible for anyone to tell you which one is the best because:

1. Nobody has (AFAIK) heard the Westone ES3s and Future Sonics MG4
[size=xx-small]EDIT: Correction! It appears we have a member who took the plunge on the ES3s! Point 2 still stands though


2. Of the 2X-S and UE-10 Pro users, only a few have heard both
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Originally Posted by bLue_oNioN
2. Of the 2X-S and UE-10 Pro users, only a few have heard both

well, there's also the fact that "best" signifies clear superiority.

when it comes down to whether the 2X-S is best or the ue-10 is best, it is certainly not true that one is better than the other. one may think one is better, but which phone the person thinks is better changes based on who the person is and what they are looking for.

for some, the senn mx-400 are best, because they are the best possible sound that one truly desires, so they have little desire to search or spend more for something else. so the idea of what is "best" is simply a matter of opinion, based on what one is looking for.

are the sensas better than the ue's? to some. if it is true that the sensas are warmer, more comfortable and less sibilant than the ue's than i would be one to say the sensas are better. if the ue's were more comfortable, had deeper and more fun bass, and sounded more "real" to me, than it is possible i would like them better.

one thing that i can say for sure though is that the sensas sound so good, that they really haven't left me feeling like i am missing anything. they just sound live. and there's absolutely nothing more than i could ask from my portable (or any) music setup.
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I have seen all of those, but I don't know if the bass will be power full to other models that are less expensive....i seems like your paying double the price for the customization

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