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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. alcyst
    Where did this 5 song limit come from? Why ration recommendations!
  2. LouisLoh
    Personally to test speed and strings timbre, I'd use Mozart's divertimento K.136.
  3. Edoardo
  4. jheck
    Alan Parsons Project- I Robot- MFSL silver cd
    Aqualung (40th Anniversary)
    Tsuyoshi Yamamoto-Midnight Surgar
    Michelle Shocked- Captain Swing
  5. Annafrancesca

    Diana Krall Live in Paris "a case of you". The piano intro, you can hear her step on the sustain pedal and she coughed a few times. When the vocals come in....wow.
  6. bigshot
    I think this is more a thread listing people's favorite music than it is music to test your stereo.
  7. Annafrancesca
    I think this works both ways. I am more into Jazz-fusion type of music. The Krall album, i use only to test timbre and vocal performance on an IEM. The title suggests thread listing of music to test your equipment. But I bet most of the songs here are also favorite tracks.
  8. alcyst
    You have to be careful with the auditioing choices. I used some favourite tracks to test equipment a while back, and now would prefer not to listen to those pieces. I still like them but got over-exposed. There is something to be said for a bunch of test tracks where is there no emotional contamination. On the other side picking tracks you respect but don't like (?) makes the auditioning more like work. I can see how professionals would have their "stuff I like" and "stuff that shows the mechanics" lists.
  9. worrblade
    bt emotional technology sounds nice
  10. mnarwold
    I usually try several genres and songs I know really well
    Never Alone - Barlow Girl
    (Not that great as far as audiophile recording, but the amazing vocals with melody and harmony help me determine a "natural" sound)
    Throne Room/End Credits - Star Wars New Hope Sound Track
    Lucky - Jason Mraz
    Frim Fram Sauce - Diana Krall
  11. Annafrancesca
    +1 on Frim fram sauce
  12. koipen
    Others have mentioned many, but I have to nominate My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, in its whole. Shoegaze as a genre is made out of distorted guitars and vocals, and without good equipment it will mostly sound like a bunch of random noise. It's a good thing the album is recorded so well, and as a result it has risen to be the definitive Shoegaze album, standing unsurpassed to this day. All of the tracks in the album are good for testing, but if you are only looking for one try Only Shallow.
  13. ViolinMan
    - Tatrini- Devil's Trill Sonata
    - J.S. Bach - Partita No.2 in D minor BWV 1004 - IV Giga
    - Joe Satriani - Wind in the trees (live Sathurated) 
    -Al Di Meola/Paco de Lucia/JOhn Maclauglin- Mediterranean sundance
    -Don Ross- Wall of Glass
    -Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard- Now we are free.
    -Hans Zimmer - God Particle
    *All in Flac. I think these songs when played, give you a massive info on the depth,warmth and feel the equipment can produce.
  14. GrindingThud
    Been a while since I played that one.....nice pick.  :)
    How about SPIES: Music of Espionage - Track 3 (Interlude)
    It will blow your ears off...[​IMG]

  15. Annafrancesca
    I find this thread really helpful. My music collection has never been this diversified.

    Just wanted to add:
    Lee Ritenour's Smoke n' Mirrors album "Lovely Day" have great vocals.
    Another album Stolen Moments have great drum sounds.
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