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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. edulov
    Deep Purple, Limitless, 2017 - First sign of madness
    Hard rock, LOTS  of instruments, decent stage width  -> attractive and complicated cacophony.
    DAC, Amp, cans - you need everything top notch to hear dynamic and details.
  2. serman005
    Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowbiy' - Elton John
  3. wink

  4. FFBookman

    Haven't heard this track yet but I like that you can test with hard rock. Totally underrated in the audiophile circuit, I think.  Loud volume, guitar distortion, lots of cymbals, growling bass -- these are things that many other musical styles don't include.
    I find rock electric bass to be a great tell - if you can hear fingers on strings and frets buzzing you are in high resolution and/or have a really good rig!
    I picked up Machine Head in 24bit and even smoke on the water sounded fresh again. Lazy and Space Truckin!?  Wow. Deep Purple has always been one of my favorites. 
    Napoleon - Different Skin
    If you can make your system reproduce this track at least tolerably (not to mention enjoyably) it can chew on virtually anything. Best example of crazy-ass metal madness.
    Mylene Farmer - C'est pas moi
    All about sibilance
    Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Get Low
    All about subbass
    Momocashew - Oliver Pumpkin Spice Dummy
    All about highs
  6. serman005
    Minuano 6/8 - Pat Metheny Group
  7. edulov
    Some 2017 add-on's
    #4 Killers and Activists
    # Atonement
    Mother Mother:
    #2 Love Stuck
    #8 No Culture
    Conspiracy Of Violet:
    #4 Faethm (feat. Doug Cordes)
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  8. serman005
    Morph The Cat  --  Donald Fagen
  9. voxie
    Yep, Serman005 nailed it! Great track. The simplicity within its detail is amazing.
  10. edulov

    Track is so simple, that it has zero usability.
  11. HPLobster
    Any better suggestions are welcome [​IMG] 
    Edit: Ah, just saw your prior post...
  12. captkirk

  13. edulov
    To stop fight about Donald Fagen.
    If you want older - check tracks by Toto. For example "Till the End"
    Want more recent - many tracks of Thorbjørn Risager. Dunno, "Make it Real" or "Roll'em Pete" for example.
    But beware, some makers like Sennheiser produce most of their cans (even costly ones) with veiled sound, so you would perceive only half of complexity of mentioned tracks.
  14. edulov
    BTW, for those who insist in latest electronic music w/o measuring it's dynamic range and w/o understanding that compressed sound kills almost everything.
    Take Eddu Grant's "Electric Avenue", especially from "Walking On Sunshine (The Very Best Of Eddy Grant)" and try to estimate it's range by ear w/o running a DR plugin and looking at number afterwards.
    And confess here later which hp's in your collections you threw to garbage. If you can't hear the difference, do the same with your amp. Or just visit a doctor.
    He..he..he... Be honest and believe me, I am not trolling or assaulting anyone.
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  15. SteveOliver
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