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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. mikemercer
    James Blake's "Limit to Your Love"
    the 45rpm single from the UK is the best pressing!!
  2. edulov
    As a song, it's a real beauty, but both positives useful to test cans and gear require experience and good knowledge of live instruments since the track has a low dynamic range and virtually no soundstage. So:
    - instruments separation - no difficulties
    - bass extension, easy to hear, but!!! Requires good gear and hp's to hear the lows as perfectly controlled harmonic vibrations. Otherwise, you will hear a mushy rumble becoming boomy in the worst case.
  3. Wildcatsare1

    Mike great recommendation, hope you are doing well! Would you mind providing a Link to your Blog? Thanks!
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    Get the CD. It is well recorded. This youtube version doesn't do justice to the incredible dynamics of this track. On my HiFiMAN HE-6 off a speaker amp, the kick drums are explosive and should start and stop quickly.
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  5. DJSpaderJader
    Some other songs I find really good for testing audio are:
    .Mirwais - Disco Science
    .Mirwais - Miss You
    .Etienne de Crecy - Am I Wrong
    .Etienne de Crecy - Punk
  6. edulov

    One has to be polite with comrades, so first of all thanks for reminding me about good musicians and theri tracks. But I'll be honest: many people misunderstand "effects" (stunning, funny, what-so-ever) with technical complexity to reproduce sounf correctly. I was unable to find a HQ version of Miss You, so can't make any comments. But Disco Science, in polite words is worthless to test HiFi. Way to simple across al the track, no sound stage at all.
    But Mirwais has another, much more famous track: Paradise (Not for Me). This one is way more complex in terms of details and instrument separation. And it has some soundstage, both in width and depth. Quite narrow, but actually it is good since it is percieved as a sound stage, not just stereo panning.
    As for Etienne de Crecy, his tracks are great to hear.
    Once again I was able to find "Am I Wrong" only, in album version and 4 official remixes. Sorry, but... It still sound sound great till today, but is too simple to test any feature. It could be used to test only one detail. Specifically the sound of the track "has" a "metallic taste", but should not be annying or too analytical, it has to be "smooth". It is quite difficult to explain, definitely not for a newbee with a couple of generic cans. Sorry, no personal offense.
  7. DJSpaderJader

    Not offended, people here give input all the time, so I don't mind ;P
  8. JuanseAmador

    Try Reckoner by Radiohead.
  9. JuanseAmador

    You know it's kinda impossible to find a song that can test every single aspect of what system should handle, right?
  10. JuanseAmador
    Probably nobody here has heard this album, but La Ley is Chile's most famous band, and their unplugged is stellar, both musically and sonically. Many people recommend Clapton's and Alice in Chains', but this one has a lot more interesting latin instruments like flamenco guitars, congas, bongos, percussion boxes, timbales, even violins. Singing is really good, too, definitely a great listen.


    Recommended tracks:

    - Mentira
    - Aqui
    - Delirando
    - El Duelo
    - Fuera de Mi
  11. loungecat
    @ Juanse will have a listen,thanks for the recommendation [​IMG]
  12. JuanseAmador

  13. OshiSHim
    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this track but I think it's a good little test: Infected Mushroom - Pink Nightmares
  14. loungecat
    Will have a listen, like there other track ...Forgive me by infected Mushroom [​IMG]
  15. musikevan
    Best percussion track ever! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n8pRt8eurv0
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