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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. Giogio
    Low Bass, Mid Bass, Upper Bass...
    I do not always find it so easy to distinguish, mid and upper, in my collection.
    I test headphones with EQ to see if they lack or exceed in some part of the bass, but it would be cool having tracks which make it easier.
    Can anybody here give me some tracks which are very clear examples of one of these kind of bass?
    btw, @DigMe, DetektivByrn are very good. A bit repetitive after a while, and a tough too "Yann Tiersen" (Amelie) but good.
    And Tristan is perfect for some highs.
    Edit: and, for soundstage and instruments separation? Time Pink Floyd only?
  2. Giogio
  3. nme705
    hi giogio  i always test my amps, speakers and headphones with  a few of the following:
    - Kayah & Bregovic :Trudno kochac,
    -       -"-                  :Bylam roza
    -       -"-                  :Spij Kochanie spij
    -       -"-                  :Ta bakiera
    -Era : Ailein Duinn      (Your neighbours will like this one too, if you play it over your loudspeakers, for it has a bass somewere around the 20 or 30 hz)
    -Yello :Celsius
    -  - '-  :Junior B (feat.Jade Davies)
    -  -"-  :Kiss in blue
    -       :pan Blue
             Takla Makan
             Tangier blue
    Yello has made more useable music   Warning: a lot of amps and speakers and neighbours dont like Yello.
  4. Giogio
    @nme705, thanks!
    What an honour, I am the target of your first message on Head-Fi, welcome :)
    Are all those tracks meant to test mostly the bass?
    Could you also say which one is better for Low Bass, Mid Bass, and Upper Bass?
    I think I have figure it out, and having so many Headphones in test right now helped noticing the differences on how each manage the same sound...
    But, I still look to improve my playlist.
  5. nme705
    Hi giogio for me is kayah a standard. Great recordings and a nice deep bass and a lot of dynamic.
  6. flyingrhinorec
    1# pink floyd - dogs
    2# pink floyd - money
    3# led zeppelin - you shook me
    4# pink floyd - time
    5# pleiadians - maia
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  7. fishingz
    Some not so common choices that really challenge a driver
    Jamie XX - Gosh.  Great high, mid and low bass. Very dynamic. This song really impressed me.
    Kaleida- Think. Crisp, big sound.
    cant think of more at the moment =(
  8. musikevan
    Some good classical test recordings:



  9. FunkyMonkey909
    The optimal list will depend on what sort of music you will be hearing in your system. I'm a jazz head with a little classical and modern/pop twist so my list would be:
    1. Herbie Hancock, "Maiden Voyage"
    2. Jordi Savall, something from "Last 7 words of Christ"
    3. Jan Garbarek "Rites"
    4. Norah Jones "I've got to see you again"
    5. Tingvall Trio "Vattensaga"
    6. Fink "Perfect Darkness"
    7. Depeche Mode, "Freestate"
  10. forstsiven
    Thanks for these!
  11. AeroSatan

    Herbie is the man!
  12. mshontz
    Overall I would say almost anything from Pink Floyd
    Soundstage is my favorite, especially on atmospheric type music
    The demo album "Origin" by Evanescence definitely makes blood rush and tingles your spine (so full of emotions, masterpiece of a album, and released as FREE!). I highly recommend giving this a listen, it's (dare I say), a religious experience.
    For more cinematic style music, I would have to say The album "Transmissions", By Starset. I think this may somewhat address the Electronic crowd also. 
  13. landroni
    An ESS representative in this RMAF presentation mentions this (~26min):
    - Frank Sinatra "New York New York"
    - Organ music from Europe
    - Rebecca Pidgeon "Spanish Harlem"
  14. JustinBieber
    Beck - Sea Change (best version is the MFSL IMO)
    And of course, the obvious ones everyone always uses. Dark Side of the Moon, Hotel California, etc. 
  15. AeroSatan
    I find that pretty much any album from Steely Dan does the trick. Aja, The Royal Scam, Pretzel Logic were all recoded and mixed superbly with incredible session musicians.
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