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The bass on the BOSE IE2 and BOSE SIE2?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cellazzurra, Sep 20, 2014.
  1. Cellazzurra
    Hi, I'm looking for the BOSE IE2 because i losted my BOSE SIE2 two weeks ago, but i love their comfort and their bass, for these reasons I'm looking for the IE2, only the price of SIE2 separate me to them. Now, the price of IE2 is more affordable and I'm here to ask you if the bass on the IE2 is heavier and stronger or is lower than the SIE2.
    Oh, i'm a basshead, here's why I'm asking just for the bass ^.^ 
  2. Cellazzurra
  3. jamm132
    I have the BOSE IE2 but they doesn't work anymore, that's why I'm doing some research to figure out which IE I'm going to buy now. The IE2 lasted me almost 2 years and worked great! The sound was perfect for a set of IEM. I'm not a basshead like you, but it sounded good, not great. In certain music styles the bass sounded weird if I turned the volume to the maximum. I used to listen to music on my iPod classic, with the Treble Booster config, with the IE2, and the sound while listening to some rock, was great. 
    I can tell you that the bass is good but not perfect if you are wishing to listen to some hip hop or some. I use to wear them daily for the whole 2 years they lasted, while working out. The issues I was having with them at the end, were that the sweat while working out was blocking some wholes of the IE2 and the sound was empty. The thing that finally damaged the IE2 was that the wire/cable teared because of the daily use. It started wearing out on the end that connects with the IEM from one side, until only 1 side was working.
    BTW if you have the BOSE SiE2i, the SoundSport, how are they working? I'm planning to get some IEM that gives me excellent sound, but durability as I work out a lot! Something sweat ressistant would be great.
    Hope I helped a little.

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