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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. wrecked_porsche
    Gotta go dig my w3000anv out and start listening to them.... been listening to the ESW9 and W11JPN a lot lately.
    Always end up dozing off when I use the W3000anv.... its just soo relaxing and smoov.
  2. LeFaucon
    Some say also about baby lotion like Mixa bébé (or baby) to keep the pads soft and clean...?
  3. Arcamera
    Wonderful headphones.
  4. LeFaucon
    Yes : just put it on my head to see the seal after reading the entire thread (!)... fit - very - well ! :gs1000smile:
    No elastic needed for me ! :L3000:
    And yes : very very beautiful and wonderful !!!
    Bought this from R One few weeks ago
    These were on my target and now are my goal ! :ok_hand:
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
    Arcamera likes this.
  5. LeFaucon
    Yes : manipulating after washing my hands then jewellery gloves ! :blush:
  6. ejswa51
    Made a deal on these, second hand from another Headfi'er. On the pickup, I only have my LG V30 as a okay source to test with (got a JDS Labs EL amp at home). Is there anything in particular that I should check? It seems all fine, but just in case, are there any ways to confirm its authenticity, so that it is a legit W3000ANV, and maybe also places where the first wear-and-tear might show? Or known/possible issues/defects? Just looking for some tips on how to audit them properly.
    Looking forward to check these next week! :O
  7. Mach3
    They come with certificate of authentication.
  8. milkdudd
    I just did a Google search of w3000anv photos. When I scroll down the photos I saw one of the original box it comes in. It's a dark green box that has a bright red slide on cover that has a gold decal on it. Can't remember exactly where but there will be a number less than 2000 on the headphones themselves. They will be very dark brown but if you shine a flashlight on the ear cups you'll see more of the depth and other colors coming through. More reddish- Brown if I remember right. I would study all the photos thoroughly and try to compare to what you see in person. Just curious what kind of price are you offering? I see crazy prices on eBay upwards of 3,000 but I doubt very much they're getting that. If it doesn't include all of the original packaging I think the price should be way lower. And if it doesn't have the original cable and plug I would pass on it all together. Unless you just want it for sound quality and don't care about collectability. Good luck
  9. ppolonen
    Need some posts before I can try to sell my w3000ANV. I have been using them with Burson conductor amp from 2015 and have been extremely happy with both of them. These headphones definitely have a lot of character and are a joy to listen to. Now moving to US from Finland and looking to sell all my hifi gear before moving. A lot of work but there is no way I could bring everything with me:)
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