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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. Mach3
    I don't believe you that it Nib, where do you live so I can confirm for you. :p
  2. BlakeT
    Random question, but I'm curious.....
    Before I bought my W3000ANV's I looked at tons of online photos, admiring the wood earcups.
    When I first opened my box, I was a bit surprised that the wood grain was a rather difficult to see in normal lighting.  The wood grain on my cans does show up in really bright lighting scenarios, but it is more subtle than I expected.
    I would imagine there will be variation from can to can, but I am curious.....
    Can others respond to the following with respect to your W3000's?
    (a) I can easily see the wood grain in normal lighting, or
    (b) The wood grain is difficult to see in normal lighting conditions.
  3. vlach

    (C) I don't see the wood grain at all, even if I hold a flashlight really close. I think it is due to the glossy finish and many coats of lacquer?
  4. up late

    i've read that the wood grain becomes more prominent over time with echizen lacquered wood products
  5. musicman59
    +1 [​IMG]
  6. r one
    I will take some photos today and show you
  7. r one
    Time for a closeup photos shoot : this is mine number 1615 came from beach camera California
    20150708_160704.jpg 20150708_160739.jpg
    Here are the two cups absolute no scratchs. I always wash my hands before take the headphone and wash the leather pads with a leather cream 3 or 4 times by year.
    20150708_160853.jpg 20150708_160759.jpg 20150708_160924.jpg
    And the Jewel in is dedicated case
    Now you believe me ? :D and i use it near every day since 2012. I do the same way with my TH900, my D7100, my Balancing Act, tubes etc..audio materials are so precious things to me

    The only dirt things are the foam pads of the 3D wings system Who touch the hair. It's difficult to wash them...if you have an idea, please tell me :wink:
  8. up late
    nice work. will you polish my car? :wink:
  9. r one
    why not but only if it's an american muscle car with a big V8 inside ! [​IMG]
  10. up late
    damn! :wink:
  11. Mach3

    Believed! Where on earth did you get those nice audio technica headphone case, model?
  12. AppleheadMay
    Heh, I happen to have the exact same one.
    It isn't connected to any headphone model as far as I know of.
  13. r one
    It was a friend of mine who lived few months in China. He brang it back to France and sold me. I think that this suitcase wasn't sold out of Asia.
  14. Mach3
    omg where did you get yours. I want one for my lovely headphones
  15. AppleheadMay

    Long ago from a Headfier in Australia. He put if up for sale and his classified lasted less than 5 minutes.
    He told me these were pretty scarce, up to today I didn't see a second one.
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