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The Audio Lounge

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  1. Richsvt
    I'll look into them, thanks for suggesting.
  2. boblauer
    On another front CA has Can Jam specials maybe they'll offer the same for you since you're not in NYC or SoCal. That may save you the difference to get the Ando's and a new IT01 now?
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  3. Richsvt
    I reached out to the CA team to see what can be done. Great suggestion. Thanks.
  4. boblauer
    Can't hurt, hope they hook you up.
  5. Karendar
    So I didn't do a write up about this, but I received my OKCSC 0.78mm cable the other day.

    The 2 pin plugs themselves are too thick to fit entirely inside the IMR R1. I'll have to scrape off some of the plastic molding in order for them to fit entirely inside the housing. However, the pins are long enough to connect and they are snug enough for my testing.

    The cables inside the braid are really small gauge. I'd say they're in the 26AWG range. It's braided 4 silver and 4 copper wires, so 8 core. The 3.5mm connector is the typical right angled gold head with silver body that everyone uses, which is a little on the heavy side. The splitter is basic and bland, the 2 pin connectors are basic and bland. The overall look of the cable itself is very impressive and the braid is tight and very well done. There's a pre-formed ear mold on the top of the connector, but it's flexible enough to be able to warp it to your desire. The fact the R1 is a horizontal jack gives the ear mold a weird horizontal curve, but it shapes to whatever you want it to with a little effort and heat. Overall weight of the cable is GREAT, but the 3.5mm connector can weight it down. If ever it drops from my neck, might weigh down the cable and might damage the cable, so I'd be careful. As much as I like this build, it doesn't feel like it's a cable that'd survive the test of time if you're not careful with your IEM's.

    Sound wise, these seem to make the R1 slightly brighter and more mid-forward, which is good news, as I found that it was its weak point. Doesn't seem to overspike on the treble, which is also good. Bass doesn't seem as it's affected in any way, but I only gave it a brief listen and did not do a comparison between the stock R1 cable and this cable. Overall, I say this is a great budget cable to modify sound of your devices. I paid 53 USD because I had two coupon codes (Aliexpress 4$ coupon + Seller 2$ coupon).

    If anyone wants pictures, I'll post some. However, the aliexpress pictures are pretty accurate:


    All in all, a great investment :) Now I just need my Ares II cable and KZ ZS10's :)
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  6. Midgetguy
    I do hate how a lot of places use that massive right-angle jack. It seems way too big and I know there are others of the more normally-sized fare. Can confirm that it's a very heavy thing. I try my hardest not to accidentally drop the cable with it looped around my ear, but when I do, it gives it a good yank and I don't like the feeling of that. Just feels like I'm stretching it ever closer to breakage.
  7. Richsvt
    I just bought the new CA Comet to replace my IT01s I gave to my son. Still on track to get the Andromeda soon, too. I will post some impressions and picts out of the box.
  8. Richsvt

    I had some high hope for these. I was hoping that the quality of the connectors were going to be better. I was actually going to invest in a pair for back-up use. Good to hear that the coloration is hotter in the mids. I may need that one day...thanks for the review.
  9. Karendar
    Well don't get me wrong. The connectors are just generic, but aren't bad in any way :) I scraped off the plastic with a knife and was able to push the connector in a little further. At that price point, I wasn't expecting anything more than this.

    I'm still much happier with this one than the other 16 core, which had horrible sound. I really feel like they added too many cores to the cable and that they did a really poor soldering job. The seller was really unpleasant about it too. I argued with him through email for days to get a partial refund for the troubles.
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  10. Karendar
    How much were they?
  11. boblauer
    $199 is what I thought I saw online. The Atlas is $1299.
  12. Karendar
    Yeah, it's 199 online. :wink: He might have gotten a SUPER SPECIAL PRICE.
  13. Richsvt
    I paid 199. No deals to be had. I never got any responses back from them about Canjam SoCal discounts however. That price was not bad, free shipping in the states.
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  14. Midgetguy
    Those who want an amp on the cheap that doesn't skimp on the power, look no further than the SMSL sAp II, on sale at Massdrop right now for $50, which is a decent discount from the normal price of $68. No coloration that I could hear when I used it and it has a very tiny footprint. Small, simple, functional, and with a 1/4" jack! I don't mind adapting up to 1/4", but I hate adapting down to 3.5mm. DC24v power, but not a wall wart either, so that's nice for not taking up so much plug space.
  15. Richsvt
    This will be my 1000th post in head-fi. Not a big deal for some but kind of is for me. Thought I should make it here as this is my favorite place. Cheers to all.
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