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The Audio Lounge

  1. Richsvt
    To those who got the R3 Pro, how's it been working? I heard about some weird issues with BT and sleep. Maybe just some flukes? Curious to hear your impressions now that it has been a little bit...
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  2. OldDude04
    Maybe a fluke or I'm lucky but I've had zero issues (nervously knocks on wood, lol). I've connected it via BT to our shower speaker, our sound bar, my car, and a BT speaker in the garage, no problems so far. I haven't had any issues with it sleeping either but I'm pretty good with shutting it down when I'm done so I can't say I've put that under a stress test. I'm loving the R3 Pro. It is the right form factor for my DAP use, sounds a bit better than the R3 which I already loved, and a solid value for a $200 DAP imo.
  3. Light - Man
    Its a Friday and I intend to go ******* Ape!!!....................................


    perhaps more like this

    but hopefully not quite like this!
  4. jerick70
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  5. HungryPanda
    I listened to the Raal Requisite at the last CanJam. They are truly great
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  6. OldDude04
  7. jerick70
    Very interesting design. Near ear isn't something I've tried before, were they comfortable? I've always liked RAALs ribbon tweeters.
  8. jerick70
    LOL. Drop does it again.
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  9. jerick70
    Who can't love a company that makes speakers like this...

  10. Whazzzup
    looks like a wood stove, with no window
  11. jerick70
    Lol. You could say that. Expensive wood stove. These are $88k USD. RAAL Eternity loudspeaker. I'm more interested in the technology than the looks. These go far beyond a regular cone / crossover loudspeaker. They are supposed to be the most transparent loudspeaker made.

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  12. SteveOliver
    At £199, it would have been rude not to. :)

  13. majo123
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  14. SteveOliver
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  15. majo123
    .so big question is how does it sound? (This goes to all new owners) vast improvement over the r3?
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