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The Audio Lounge

  1. majo123
    I have one too its pretty nice but one of the mmcx was a bit wobbly, not a tight fit..talking with aol at the minute
  2. Jackpot77
    Went a bit nuts on the ALO Warehouse sale - 2 x Silver Litz in 4.4mm, 1 x Ref 8 in 2-pin/4.4, 2 x Standard Litz (one 4.4 and one 2.5), 1 x Ref 8 interconnect, 1 x SXC interconnect.

    Picked up a SuperLitz in 4.4 recently for a song too - slowly recabing my inventory on the cheap! :wink:
  3. rr12267
    Hope they take care of you. I’ve never dealt with alo customer service. Please let us know how it goes.
  4. Jackpot77
    Have to say, ALO customer service is excellent. Got my cable order on Saturday, noticed two items were missing (duplicates, annoying but easy to miss on a manual packing basis I imagine). Emailed them with a quick explanation and pics of what was sent over the weekend and got an email back on Monday evening (UK time) apologising for the mix-up and promising to sort me out, but asking me to be patient as they had a ton of Black Friday orders going through. Got another shipping notification this morning (so went through last night their time) and missing items will be with me tomorrow.

    Initial experience wasn't perfect, but mistakes happen and I always judge a firm on how they sort them out. In this case, can't fault how quickly they responded, or how quick they got the missing items out in the mail (costing then additional FedEx rush shipping).
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  5. OldDude04
    That is solid info. I never judge a company on normal mistakes, they happen. I judge them on how they respond to and deal with those mistakes, and it sounds like ALO is quite good.
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  6. groucho69
    WOW: Moon

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  7. OldDude04
    WoW: Moon (So many for this, I'll do some not so well known and see what happens for now.)

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  8. majo123
    Yeah they are nice cables and to be honest I think they are more comfortable and sound better than the chunkier ones, maybe because the andro are quite sensitive and obviously they are tuned with this gauge wire in mind...ALO were quick to respond and just waiting on response due to time difference.
  9. boblauer
    I picked up a Ref 8 2 pin to 4.4 but am seriously thinking of getting another or a Gold16. Question to Gold 16 user's Want to pair it with my EE Spartan 4 BA, not a warm IEM more neutral/analytical. Any impressions as I assume gold will be warmer hence fitting this IEM to make it a bit mor of a fun signature.

    Well appears all the cables on the ALO Deal are now gone so above is a moot point.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  10. HungryPanda
    WOW: Moon

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  11. Midgetguy

  12. boblauer
    WOW Moon:

  13. Layman1
    WOW - Moon:

    First up, a classic :)

    Next, a sweet and wistful song that I've always liked:

    Finally, one of my all-time favourite tracks, that I've often used for critical listening too :)

    Hope you all enjoy :)
  14. mbwilson111
    WOW Moon

    This was written by Rodney Crowell but I heard the Bob Seger cover first.

  15. mbwilson111
    I have to add this one by one of my favorite artists..Lee Harvey Osmond - Blue Moon Drive


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