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The Audio Lounge

  1. Richsvt
    Nice to see you @majo123. Hope things are good with you. Merry Christmas back at you...how's the DX160 pair with the Andro?
  2. majo123
    It pairs excellent, the noise floor is one of the stand out points of the dx160 it's so quiet zero hiss, its part of the reason I bought one because a few had commented on how well it pairs with sensitive gear and trust me it does with its virtually dead silent background, I think the only device's that I have experienced that's as quiet are dx200 and mojo , and its even more impressive with the power its achieving whilst remaining hiss free, I'm using about 35 on low gain, hardly touching it....
    The audio for me is really well balanced, not to warm your losing anything and not cold and clinical, nice sub bass and lovely textures , stage has excellent depth and width ., honestly this punches way above its price point and all the guys that are shouting about this dap are really calling it....its not perfect as I said bluetooth sucks , and if you don't tweak the screen it will drain quickly I changed resolution and dtopped the brightness significantly and this made all the difference, getting about 9 or 10 hours on 16 or 24 bit flac and about 7 streaming Amazon hd ....now this dap cost me £308 ! And honestly the audio is better than the fiio m11 , I would say I prefer it to 208 from memory too as it's more dynamic with better stage, maybe not quite as refined though bit were talking margins...
    Lastly its size and weight makes lovely in the pocket, it's not big and weighs nothing
    Im ok thanks for asking although my knees still not good , steroid injections from dec and looking like a partial knee replacement, hey ho could be worse. ...hope alls well with you too and family
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  3. groucho69
    Synvisc-One has done wonders for my knee.
  4. majo123
    Thanks I'm s bit busy at the moment and googled it quick....il look into it a bit more when I got time , thanks groucho.
  5. jerick70
    Welcome back @majo123. Sorry to hear about your knee. Glad you found the iBasso DX160.
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  6. groucho69
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  7. majo123
    Thanks I'm popping in now and again but not as much as I was, I'm enjoying the gear really and definitely enjoying the dx160, it more than suits my needs for now....hey ho on the knee part of parcel of getting older I'm afraid like I said could be a hell of lot worse!

    See your enjoying the Roland's, they do look good but no way for my little ears .
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  8. pikapika
    I bought the Focal Elegia when they were on sale. I regret not giving it more of a chance. My initial impressions of it was that it just sounded okay.
  9. jerick70
    So what sort of sound signature does the DX160 have? I think I may sell my WM1Z and want to try some other DAPs. Not sure what yet.

    Yeah the Rolands are great. So nice and smooth. Especially in the treble region. I haven't been listening to them for a few weeks though. I've gotten a pair of Custom Art Harmony 8.2s and Modhouse Argon MKIIIs that I've been putting through the paces. The 8.2s are fabulous. You would like them. Very neutral but the thing I love about them is they aren't sibilant like a lot of neutral IEMs. They are smooth neutral. :D plus they are really small in the ear. I got them for a steal too.
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  10. majo123
    Well it's not neutral as in sterile like a m11, bit of low end elevation and nice body to the mids reminds me a bit like amp8 from memory but I think amp8 is still a bit more refined although with the 200 I think the dx160 has better dynamics and stage, honestly it's a pretty good sounding dap for the money and zero hiss ...I think ibasso have tuned this perfect its not too cold or to warm and the result is quite musical but not sacrificing to much detail..

    The 8.2 sound nice and I would check em out but im not really buying iems , I'm quite happy with the andro s and er4xr at the minute , just don't feel that itch like I used too and it's been nice to just sit back and enjoy it.
    One thing I would recommend a try to everyone is Amazon HD music, it sounds great and they have a months free trial at the moment...give it a whirl its very good.
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  11. Whazzzup
  12. Midgetguy
    Shame about the cable, the one on the T3 is fantastic, one of the best cables I've used. That cable alone is worth 80% of the price of the T3. You could buy the T3 and chuck the shells out just to get the cable and it could be worth it :p

    I see a guy come into the restaurant every so often and he recently got knee replacement, a few months ago at this point, but he's loving it and very glad he did it. No more knee pain for him.
  13. groucho69
    Surgeons are reluctant to do it until "needed." That can vary a lot. Most of them look at 90% deterioration as the mark.
  14. Midgetguy
    My guy's must have been bad enough to warrant a knee replacement.
  15. groucho69
    I'm at 30%, although one side of the knee is far worse than the other. Uneven wear. Hate when that happens on my tires.

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