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The Audio Lounge

  1. SteveOliver
  2. Jackpot77
    Used to own the closed version, and it was great but just lacking a little in engagement. Always wanted that big old Audeze bass and buttery mid style setup, but without the neck breaking weight or power requirements, hence thinking about the GX as it's apparently by far the lightest of the "big" models. Been put off the LCD-1 by a few people as lacking in bass - how did you find the AFO, bass-wise?
  3. jerick70
    Aeon Flow is anything but warm. The Modhouse Argon 3 might be what you are looking for. LCD 3 is right down that ally but very heavy. The LCD-1 is definitely what you are looking for but the ear openings are small....
  4. jerick70
    I'm not sure who is saying the LCD-1 doesn't have bass. I own a pair and think they have very good bass.
  5. HungryPanda
    There is always the Fidelio X2HR it's still dynamic though
  6. OldDude04
    Its not warm but can be made that way with EQ. Argons are only semi open, may not work for him.

    Quite a few people have said they lack in the lows.
  7. jerick70
    I don't usually EQ....

    Maybe it's my pair of LCD-1s? Audeze has had quality and consistency issues in the past. I think my pair sounds great in the bass region. I wish I had the gear to make a fr graph to show you want I'm hearing.
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  8. groucho69
    Loving this on the Denon

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  9. boblauer
    @jerick70 What's your feeling on the Argons overall? If I don't buy anything this BF, it's looking like that, I may splurge and have my MD TX-0 turned into Argon's for the bass alone.
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  10. jerick70
    I'm pretty enameord with the Argons. There's a reason why there's a frenzy to buy them when they show up on the for sale thread. For $330 these are a steal imo. What questions do you have about them?
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  11. OldDude04
    Whatever do you mean? Audeze is a pillar of consistent quality control.

    Lol, no I did not type that with a straight face. But hey, at least they aren't HFM....
  12. boblauer
    Sound Sig is warm correct but is it V or W shaped? Bass extension clean and low? Mid range vs Treble emphasis is where and do they do ok for vocals? I mainly would use for classic rock, prog rock, country/blues rock genre's. Would not use for Jazz, Acoustic or Symphony. Just wondering if they fill my need niche which is bassy/fun rock oriented signature. The TX-0 I have am pretty sure Ryan can get them close to the T60 based version you have.
  13. OldDude04
    Also @Jackpot77, I'm looking forward to the drop of the Monolith M1570's at the beginning of the new year. They may not be what you want as far as weight, but the Monolith M570 might be, it's the same driver setup as the Sendy Aiva's for a lot less and they are available now. Monolith headphones have never had an issue with bass, at least not the models I've tried.
  14. jerick70
    These are more tuned toward a neutral sound sig but are nice and warm. If that makes sense. Not the Senn HD800 shrill cold sig that a lot think of neutral. The mids aren't sucked out like a V shape would have. The mids are a little crunchy I think.I think these may not be broken in and I've only listened for 15 - 20 hours so these still need some more time to cook..... The bass is nice and hard hitting and heavy. Drums sound fantastic, you get that nice metallic strike when the rim of the drum is hit in "Life in the fast lane". Texture is incredible with drums too. Also guitar is the best I've heard on a planar. Distortion is awesome sounding with electric guitars. I'm listening to the Eagles, Zepp, and The Who. These are awesome for classic rock and metal. They would be great with most other genres too.
  15. boblauer
    @jerick70 Thank you! This might be where I spend my bf allowance. Nothing much else has called.

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