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The Audio Lounge

  1. groucho69
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  2. Richsvt
    @groucho69 Thanks for that. I haven't seen a performance of his in a long time. Damn, that man could play.

    Which leads me to some questions on this rainy Friday night in Boston, how many of you have material like this archived? I find I have very few actual video of live shows and the like. Most of my library is audio only. Those that do have a good amount, who do you have? What formats do you have them in, DVD (or files ripped from), or just access to streaming files?

    Looking forward to seeing the Cowboy Junkies tomorrow night. Really been digging some local live shows again, after being so many years away from that. Nice to get that live performance perspective again.

    Cheers to all.
  3. Richsvt
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  4. ciber
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  5. OldDude04
    You're not supposed to use your Drop referral links on Head-Fi.
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  6. OldDude04
    Do any of you have any experience/thoughts on the HiFiMan RE2000S? I might have an opportunity for a great price on a used pair and was curious what you all thought.
  7. jerick70
    Eeehhhh the RE2000 is OK. Way overpriced for what you get. The Aten is far better.
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  8. OldDude04
    Good to know. Thanks homie.
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  9. Richsvt
    Saw an awesome show last night, the Cowboy Junkies. What a smooth and chill performance. This is the same band set-up since they started in the early 80's. Just love Margo's voice.

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  10. mbwilson111
    sooooo envious. I wish I had seen them during one (or all) of the times they played The Ann Arbor Ark.... especially back in the earlier days.
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  11. groucho69
    They do a great show from what I've seen.
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  12. Whazzzup
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  13. Richsvt
    I've been following them since they started, just never got around to seeing them live. Just some great sounds and a very relaxed setting. Would've bought some signed vinyl but didn't have the cash on me (wouldn't take cc). Tried to meet them after but the crush of people was overwhelming. I live 3 blocks away from the venue so super easy finding parking (lol).

    May try to get tickets for Chris Isaak for December.
  14. Whazzzup
    thievery corporation for myself next week
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  15. jerick70
    You are very welcome.

    I like the Custom Art FIBAE Black even more than the R2 ATEN. These are right down your alley @OldDude04.
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