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The Audio Lounge

  1. jerick70
    Sell them both and order the IMR Ra. :D
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  2. jerick70
    You owe yourself a listen to the Apex Pinnacle2. It's the best preamp / headphone amp I've listened to. There is a $12k version too. It stacks like the WA33 with a separate power supply. I've been wanting one but no Love from my wife on that endeavor....
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  3. Midgetguy
    Get to growing that money tree :dollar:
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  4. Karendar
    IMR Ra is sold out. All gone :wink:
  5. jerick70
    I'm sure you could contact Bob and he would take care of you.
  6. Dobrescu George
    I think r2 is considerably above DM6... :)
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  7. jerick70
    I tried a money tree but it's not working...

  8. Light - Man
    I also have a few of those cannibal/ carnivorous plants which I need to lock-up each night, just in case they eat my wallet!

    [​IMG] ....[​IMG]

    Oops wrong gif!
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  9. groucho69
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  10. OldDude04
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  11. Midgetguy
    Well there's your problem right there. See all those twists? Your money gets all tied up trying to sprout so it never gets out to the leaves where you can pick it off.
  12. jerick70
    DAMN!!!! The guy that sold it to me told me it would work better twisted like that. I even paid extra. I'm going to go give him a piece of my mind.
  13. groucho69
    Careful. Last time I did that I had to relearn to speak.....I think.

    FINALLY my B40 arrived. Great deal IMO.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  14. KEV G
    Hi Loungers, not been in for a while, been chasing bike parts for the rebuild of my bike which is underway as I speak.
    I’ve made one last Audio purchase and this will be my last for the foreseeable future as I’ll be spending a heap of cash on my bike.
    Also I’ve reached a point that I’m totally and utterly satisfied with my portable audio gear and HiFi really. I tend to just sit back and listen these days and quite happy I’m not chasing anything anymore.
    Listening to the music and not the gear, lovin it.
    My last purchase-
    8D8A7756-9552-46FD-AEA6-233F81B21B12.jpeg 61E269A0-0067-420C-8DF8-9AA164230548.jpeg Now here’s an iem that rocks !!!! Built by professionals that care, not only about the quality, the sound, the fit, their reputation and their customers!!!
    I sold my Andromeda-S to @majo123 as I found it very similar to my Solaris and didn’t want it sat in a drawer dust gathering.
    I’ve had to skip the last 20 pages to make this post but can see bob’s been at it again :joy: really !!!!!!
    Anyways back to a proper iem, the Andromeda Gold is a killer, simple as that !!!
    Think Legend X with the clarity, separation, details and staging of the Andromeda and your there. Why Campfire have only made 1k of these is strange because it’s phenomenal!!!! Hats off to @KB and his team for another outstanding product.
    I may seem a little biased towards Campfire but hey, they produce the sq and fit that suits my taste better than any other so I would be :stuck_out_tongue:
    Here’s what I have in my arsenal to listen to and the reason for me no longer needing any more audio is plain to see-
    E42E4B9C-BBB5-42EC-8B99-DA966365EB5C.png 479441EC-5E4A-41E7-9F09-4429196B0691.jpeg
    And here’s the another big reason for my last Audio purchase-
    My mates son sat on a very sorry looking old Blade-
    And now cleaned up a bit-
    2A5BBB56-EB92-411C-B41B-2C14CC206396.jpeg 57B6B74C-1B33-4B48-9825-EB386673508C.jpeg It starts and runs, tomorrow I’ll be taking it out for a test run to see how the frame is, all going well it’ll be good to go for a major rebuild with custom paint :money_mouth:
    In the meantime I’ll be listening to my Andromeda Gold and looking up at the Andromeda Galaxy with these, big big thanks to @Richsvt for giving me these fantastic binoculars to get me started on another hobby lol-

    I’ll be taking them on long walks with a friend of mine that’s recovering from a heart attack he recently had. Am I glad I gave up smoking :joy:
    8A4FA12E-379C-44DB-AD54-98ED1478F4B9.jpeg So you can see I’ve got my hands full and a lot going on. Catch ya later Loungers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  15. majo123
    And very pleased I am too , lovely iem... Same boat dude etys and andro all I need , I am as you already know thinking of making one more dap purchase but other than this I'm sitting back for quite some time .
    Black andro look killer dude.
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