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The Audio Lounge

  1. SteveOliver
    Have you heard the Fiio FH7? Is it better than that?
  2. SteveOliver
    Do you mean the Z3 Pro, that one has the AK4493 DAC chip I believe.
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  3. Light - Man
    Yes, I just amended my post
  4. OldDude04
    I've never once accidentally shot the volume up on my R3 and I've been using the hell out of it. Of course now that I say that, I'll inevitably end up doing it, lol.

    Yeah, that was one thing that threw me off as well. I stayed away from the purple filters for my Icarus III and Masters because of the description of reduced bass, and I don't reduce bass, lol. When I put the purple on the R1, the bass stayed nice and deep but the mids and highs saw a nice improvement.
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  5. SteveOliver
    It certainly looks interesting at < $50 for the pro version.
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  6. Light - Man
    It might be that he just wanted something smaller than the DSD Pro, I don't really know why he swapped.
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  7. groucho69
    WOW: Fame

  8. mbwilson111
    I don't care about frills. I have a couple of DAPs that do have android and I just use them in pure music mode. I only want to play albums from my sd card. I do need gapless play for certain albums so I cannot use the Zishan DSD for those... but, I do have other daps for them. If you meant the display, it is gives enough information and is easy and quick to navigate. When I am listening to the music it is off anyway.

    I do care about looks! I like how it looks.

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  9. OldDude04

    Because it had to be done :p :

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  10. mbwilson111
    a cup of tea?
  11. Whazzzup
    maybe some high mountain taiwan oolong
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  12. mbwilson111
    Scottish Breakfast for me at the moment.
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  13. majo123
    If you pick one up for what I did then honestly it's a no brainer... It's basic infact probably the most basic player I have used since I left school lol, ok maybe not quite that long, honestly it sounds great though and I particularly think it would go well with those that prefer darker sounding iems as it will smooth out the edges a little, although even with my preferred sig it's not realy crossed the line of harshness... Please don't take this as a negative as I feel this realy is its strength too its just got that raw sound which sounds quite natural.
    Also this DAP is very poweful indeed I'm hardly using its power and I have no idea how many steps on the volume but the most I have gone too is 28 lol, it's quirky and the function is a bit out there, build is a box with a screen... Still love it though.
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  14. majo123
    I'm not bothered either it's sound more than makes up for any quirks... If I had to choose between this and the Fiio m11 for audio I honestly would choose the zinash dsd pro
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  15. mbwilson111
    I think I read it goes to 30 so you are almost there! I have been around 11-14 for most iems or buds. I did go to 18 with a 300 ohm bud. Have not tried my 400 or 600 ohm earbuds yet. I plan to try my NH balanced with it soon.
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