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The Audio Lounge

  1. OldDude04
    Sorry about the arthritis, that must be quite painful in the hands. As for what the Trinity filters do, here you go:

    • SILVER = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail
    • GUNMETAL (Smooth) = Natural. Offering a more balanced sound signature across the frequencies.
    • PURPLE = Treble. Offering a reduced bass signature with an focus on upper mids and treble.
    • GOLD = Perfect balance between gunmetal and purple filters SILVER (Fun) = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail
    • SILVER (with damper) = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail with smoothed treble
    • PURPLE (With damper) = Treble. Offering a reduced bass signature with an focus on upper mids and treble. (treble smoothed)
    • GOLD (With damper) = Perfect balance between gunmetal and purple filters (treble smoothed)
    • RED (Black damper) = This is a new version of our silver filter with the treble rolled off for more of an L shape signature
    • BLACK (Black Damper) = Re-imagining of the purple filter, this filter is quite neutral with the high frequencies allowed to shine a little over the mids.
    • GREEN (Black damper) = Much like our Gunmetal filter with controlled highs and midrange lifted a little
    • BLUE (Black damper) = Whole range in balance nothing over done, bass heads need not apply
    • ORANGE (Black Damper = Very lean signature and won't be for most people, treble rolled off
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  2. mbwilson111
    It is the finger joints.

    Thanks for the filter info. Now I remember why I chose green. Will be interesting to check out the purple. I have never ever wished for more treble...

    BTW, don't get us started on mmcx socket woes.
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  3. jerick70
    Just take a hairdryer to it, heat it up, and straiten it out. Or even better, if you have a heat gun use that instead.
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  4. groucho69
    Sounds like a job for Panda.
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  5. mbwilson111
    Maybe we will just take a chance and he will open the earpiece and turn the connector thingie around. Just worried about maybe breaking a wire if things are too tight in there. Who knows what they did when they put it together.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
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  6. waveSounds
    First time I've ventured into the "Misc" section of Head-Fi... although I get the feeling I can expect a more refined experience to its namesake over on the Bodybuilding.com forums. Are there any fellow motorcyclists lurking in these waters?
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  7. mbwilson111
    Welcome to the Lounge. Anything and everything is talked about here. A few pages back some guys were posting videos of cars starting up:) On Wednesdays a word of the week is announced by @groucho69 (WOW). We then all try to post a video or two of a song with that word in the title.
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  8. jerick70
    There are a few of us that like motorcycles. I can't own one because my wife doesn't approve of them. But @KEV G is in the process of rebuilding his. I like to talk shop tough.....
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  9. rr12267
    I have a couple. 08 Buell 1125R and 04 Kawasaki 636. The Buell is a linear acceleration beast where the 636 is all revs but when you get into the powerband so much fun. Both are really fun in the twisties. My wife has a 99 1200 Harley Sportster with screaming eagle stage 1 upgrade. We love going out for rides.
  10. Podster
    I’m in your boat, have not had a bike for 25 years but I get to look at that motorcycle also every time I see my drivers license:cry:
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  11. waveSounds
    I was watching the video CaptainFantastic posted in the NightOwl thread yesterday and upon it's closing recommendations YouTube thought to recommend me a video from the LockPickingLawyer... I spent the next hour watching a man pick locks. Never thought that would happen [​IMG]

    Sorry to hear that, chaps! I'll try not to go on too much about the virtues of motorcycle ownership, in that case [​IMG]

    The 1125R is something of a mythical creature, I've never been lucky enough to see one in the wild myself. Bet it pulls like a train! Care to share any snaps?

    The Yamaha MT-07 is my current steed but I went to look at a 2012 BMW K1300S yesterday and now I'm seriously considering making the swap. The Yam's served me well - ~36,000 in 3 years so far, but as my only means of transport and a 50 mile round commute everyday, I'm sold on the virtues of something with a fairing and something more suitable to long distances. I once took my wife on a 4 hour trip down to the South West on the MT and there were tears shed! In hindsight I'm not sure why she agreed looking at the barely-passable excuse of a pillion seat on the MT! And for good measure, a couple of pics of the MT and its potential replacement:


  12. Light - Man
    Is this it?


    ..................................or perhaps more like this?.....[​IMG]
  13. majo123
  14. Light - Man
    Be careful what you wish for!

    Get yourself an off-road bike, the worst thing that can happen to you, is a tree jumping out in front of you! :ksc75smile:

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  15. Light - Man
    Hey Majo, I also got one of those Hiby R3's last week and it has a decent sound.

    Guys, is there anyway to turn off the touch screen volume control as I nearly deafened myself yesterday?

    I should have the TFZ No.3 tomorrow and will give initial impressions...........

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