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The Audio Lounge

  1. jerick70
    It sounds better than it looks. I'm going to wait a bit for sound impressions. One thing I notice is the black black background it has with the iHA-6 and the HA-1A. I'm really digging the on-the-fly output stage too. You can switch between tubes and solid state output stages with the click of the button. Plus the music doesn't mute with the switch, only for a second while the tubes are switching. My iFi mutes during the entire switch. I think I'm putting my iFi iCAN Pro up for sale.
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  2. OldDude04
    Lol, I don't know what that top text in my quote was going to be.
  3. jerick70
    Yeah I had that happen a while ago. The site is doing some weird stuff lately.
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  4. majo123
    Pmsl....is this the new technical term for sub bass lol.. Man after my own heart panda like a bit of straight to the point... Hbb would be proud lol
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  5. Light - Man
  6. majo123
  7. SteveOliver
    This appeared in a playlist I was listening to, I'd forgotten it existed. Oddest track ever, you decide. Any other nominations?

  8. HungryPanda
    20190730_110158[2].jpg ahem:
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  9. mbwilson111
    Where is the dislike button?
  10. majo123
    I heard this a few months back, it's a relatively new track but for me it's definitely odd and a bit out there lol.
  11. Podster
    Dang, even if he’s a crook his (or whoever made them) sound excellent. I don’t have my Zenith’s in my TOTL for nothing, well maybe for making everyone think I’m and idiot and sucker:grin:
  12. majo123
    Lol I think we should see if we can get one.. A bit like youtube thumbs up or down... I wonder how Bob would do?
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  13. majo123
    . There you go... Hit it as hard as you like.
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  14. Light - Man
    I was thinking more like this!

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