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The Audio Lounge

  1. groucho69
    Just because

    injury.jpeg mani.jpeg pin.jpeg sat.jpeg sock.jpg temp.jpg
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  2. boblauer
    Interesting turn of events there with HBB, he certainly does not ever hold back. I was vocal in the TAE debacle but at this point 2 years later oh well. I got a DOA Air never got any return info or feedback from numerous requests, lost the $10 on the vapor DAP so was out only about $100. I've been trying to sell my TAE stuff for awhile now and no one wants any of it. The brands dead so even if they did prosecute him what is there to get. If he's as a good of a shill as I think he is he's isolated IMR and himself from future dealings. Either way cavaet emptor with anything he lends even a breath of air to.
  3. Karendar
    Just saw HBB's video... He just scratches the surface. If he would have cut the swearing, the insulting people and got down to bigger facts that ARE out there, it would have given more weight to his video... However, I guess that's not his goal, which is why he'll always be niche in what he does.

    And saying it's the biggest fraud in audiophile history is stretching it. There have been much bigger frauds than that, I'm sure... Just audio gear wise, Phazon Indiegogo is 2+ millions in defrauded funds from backers, they've been "struggling" with their "tech" for over 3 years... I'm sure I could find bigger frauds on low end audio gear sold as high end too.
  4. Karendar
    Not sure what damage the video will do, but I can confirm that IMR won't last long even if he didn't post this... Bob is having trouble selling these, it's pretty clear. He said he'd never resort to B stock again, 2 months later B stock appears. He said he would not go back to the coupon/rebate model, he did... He's on a downward spiral again. Honestly, as I've stated in the past, his IEM cost full price is overinflated for what he's delivering. So you're paying on "tuning" and "business costs" for your IEM. His shells are not worth much, his drivers either, as we've noticed with Piezoelectric+DD combos in chifi... Someday, I'd love to get the full story without all the half truths and lying to know what REALLY happened.
  5. KEV G
    I totally get what your saying, I’m down only £120.00 but add up all these £100s and it turns into hundreds of thousands of £££
    Where did it all go, did he pay any tax...nobody seems to know !!!!
    Would have been nice to see bob at Canjam over the weekend eh, but let’s face it, he couldn’t show his face at a London Canjam because he knows exactly what will happen to him.........don’t ya bob.
    I even spoke to a few exhibitors about the trinity fiasco and they were all of the same opinion. One of them even mentioned about a video by HBB concerning bob at about 3:00 Sunday afternoon. I haven’t got a clue how they knew about it as the video hadn’t been released at that time as far as I’m aware unless this isn’t the first time HBB has got stuck in.
    If he did attend a Canjam he’d be treated like a leper by all the exhibitors......who would want to be associated with him !!!!
  6. jerick70
    I received my Cayin iDAC MKII today. It is a fantastic DAC so far. Still have burn in to do but out of the box it is pretty impressive.




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  7. OldDude04
    That thing is downright sexy!
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  8. majo123
    Definitely agree with this.. I think just seeing the stuff on the drop means it's not selling very well and as you said in the beginning he wasn't doing pre paid order any more etc etc... here they are behaving exactly like trinity.
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  9. HungryPanda
    I got my NX7's a couple of days ago but with CanJam weekend I only had a listen this afternoon. I don't remember who said they were bass light but I can honestly say that is bollocks. I listened to some Bjork after a Supertramp album and they go low and have quite a thump
  10. majo123
    Anyway imr trinity who ever they be theyl never see another penny from me, and on that note I'm outa here .. Catch ya later guys.
  11. KEV G
    My shopping bag contents........not fishfingers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    34BBC4ED-7FF2-48CA-B2C1-4B8DE2485DE7.jpeg B86B6C7E-07FF-4757-A54C-BDE97E0618B4.jpeg AD66802A-96BD-408C-84DC-83536DE53D42.jpeg 353731A9-2769-4E3A-A432-7DCB77E65D16.jpeg 0C24A6C1-2DAC-4C24-9304-B0F1E8FF9066.jpeg F3355E8A-BEC1-4F45-8CD5-3CC90CE246DE.jpeg B5B571EE-B395-4127-A55A-DB47071A7227.jpeg AFB676D6-84BA-4EAB-BD1B-C9814C08850A.jpeg 6C4A9F95-C266-4228-8B1C-F779D7A0D830.jpeg B1C8781D-FCFA-483A-85A4-CEBC6D5E30A4.jpeg F9E0A033-E99D-463A-A44D-ABFB60B80D79.jpeg 965CEADF-3ACB-4D4F-8039-B70D1918F317.jpeg 31D8C99D-6244-464F-AC53-1CA1DF977575.jpeg
    Think I’m done :stuck_out_tongue:
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  12. Dobrescu George
  13. HungryPanda
    I did like the Solaris when I listened, I did not like the Andromeda or Polaris, Atlas was ok but a bit meh after having listened to a lot of high end gear that day. I preferred the Empire Ears earphones best.
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  14. Jackpot77
    Very nice. Although you'll only be done when you get the SuperLitz in 4.4mm to really make the most out of then on the WM1Z... :wink:

    Congrats on the purchase - they are still my #1 IEM in terms of pure musical enjoyment. Amazing. Can also recommend getting custom tips from Custom Art if you have any long term problems with fit.

    Any initial thoughts? These are the only IEM apart from the Atlas I though actually benefited from burn in - Ken thinks it is to do with the dielectric in the crossover and the stiffness of the ADLC diaphragm. I didn't particularly believe in burning in my gear, but I have to say in this case I think it did make a difference, even if it was all in my mind. :wink:
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  15. KEV G
    Not sure if I’ll bother with the super litz, I have the SXC-8 and @majo123 cable which is on a par with the SXC-8 and currently on my Vega. They’ve now had 25 hours burn time and just like the Vega the bass has settled down. Fairly neutral really to my ears, they really do have a HiFi kind of feel or stage. The music sounds real and not processed. I had a good listen to the Rai Penta, awesome build quality as well with very similar cable to Campfire. They sound great but for me the bass just had too much slam and the highs, just too high for me and I knew that would end up driving me insane. Also the fit wasn’t for me, only after ten minutes I could feel em starting to put pressure on the same spot the IT03 did and ended up extremely uncomfortable so I sold em. The fit on the Solaris like the Andro’s is perfect and can have them in for hours with zero fit issues.
    @HungryPanda i too tried all the Empire Ears offerings and could only find two that suited me, the Wraith and the Vantage $3.5k and $850.00(with the show discount) the Vantage was my favourite of all the Empire Ears as all the rest just sounded like the bass was just too overpowering and mids just not doing it for me and I kept wanting to turn them up !!!
    Only the Wraith and Vantage kept me from wanting to crank it up lol
    To my ears using the 1Z/SXC-8/Solaris is the ultimate complete package.
    On the Saturday I had a listen to the WA33/Abyss and was staggered by its soundstage and details, a beautiful sound that I’m still craving and for me the Solaris gets me closest to this of all the iems I’ve tried to date.
    I am selling my Andromeda-SS as these have a very similar sound to the Solaris so will not get used. They are in mint condition so someone will get an awesome limited edition Andromeda, even the cable is mint as I used the SXC-8 from day one !!!
    So, is this my endgame set up.....yep :smile_phones:

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