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The Audio Lounge

  1. Podster
    5372E0DF-1FE5-4F78-A4B0-725AE1739028.png Well since everyone had to go there!
  2. majo123
    I'm guessing it's your shopping??? Fishfingers and 2 pints of milk??? Enjoy em dude.
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  3. KEV G
    If you think Matt Andersen is good, wait until you see him live !! He has the most incredible presence on stage with a voice so full of emotion and love for performing live.
    It’s obvious when you see him live just how much he loves playing to an audience as he thrives on it. There’s only one or two others that put everything and more into their performances and for me they are Beth Hart and Paulo Nutini. Going to see Beth Hart in February whoop whoop.......
    Na, not Cascade :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
    And happy you like him dude, he’s a super nice guy as well as a fantastic singer, songwriter and a freakin killer guitarist
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
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  4. groucho69
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  5. groucho69
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  6. groucho69
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  7. groucho69
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  8. Jackpot77
    Do love a bit of Beth Hart as well - suspect we may have a fairly similar music library! Have you listened to any Amy Helm?

    Will be intrigued to know what you got in the end - I've got the Polaris 2 and Io sitting here in my review queue, so if it's one of those I'll be interested to know what you think of ''em.
  9. Jackpot77
    Bit of early morning cable / IEM p0rn to start the day - Acoustune HS1650cu with stock (!) 8 core SPC cable. These guys know how to package and accessories an IEM...

  10. OldDude04
    BGGAR's new video on Trinity/Bob called "Biggest con artist in Audiophile history? (Trinity Audio/ IMR Acoustic)" He does not hold back, lol.

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  11. majo123
    ...at work can't watch it.... But when I get home I will lol..hes the man.
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  12. SteveOliver
    This HeadFi thing has been a bit of a journey for me and I'm sure its not over yet.

    My preferred way of procuring items is to get an interest free on purchases credit card. I always make sure that I have enough savings to cover the full balance for most (well 90%) of the time.

    A three year 0% card comes to an end next month so I've paid off all the gear I've purchased over the last three years, which kind of marks the end of an era (I've sold some of it along the way too)

    The set-up I'm listening to today sounds better than it did yesterday, probably because I officially own it now, I do consider myself very lucky to be able to somehow afford this luxury stuff "hook or by crook".

    Oh and lets not forget, I've met a great community of people hear on HeadFi too :)

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  13. AverageDude
    Well I am not particularly prude, on the contrary, but he definitely lost me with his language...
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  14. SteveOliver
    Did you not switch on your profanity filter, its most definitely required for the Badboy. :)

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