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The Audio Lounge

  1. boblauer
    No worries he's a good mo nonsense guy. I'm sure it'll turn out nice.
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  2. jerick70
    Yeah Trevor is great. I've purchased a few cable from him. His wait times can be long though.
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  3. Richsvt
    Had time to listen to the BGVP DS1 Pro. Ran it through my R3, M2X and PAW5000 Mk2. Switched to spin-fit tips.

    So here's a summary:
    Lows really decent. Solid bass but a little on the boomy side. Bleeds well into the mid-bass.
    Mids are pretty good.
    Highs tend to be a little shouty, not terribly so but one can only expect so much from a single BA. It seems to lack some sparkle.
    Instrument separation is pretty good and there are some decent details revealed.
    Soundstage is short and narrow. Needs to add some sense or air here.

    They are very sensitive to placement and seal. Even with the Spin Fits, still had to readjust now and again to get that proper seal. Without that, you lose bass and whatever air is there.

    These are very sensitive to file type (as most pieces are). Play a good FLAC and they do a real good job. Low rate mp3, not so nice.
    Stock cable not bad. Looks like a SPC , small core count. Hate the molded ear guides.

    sound signature: 40%
    design and hardware: 75%
    fun factor for cost: 100%

    So overall, for $40 on the Drop, this was well worth the cost. It is a fun piece. It is not meant to compete against stuff 2-3 times its price. I would put this up against the IT01, it competes with that easily because of the details it can present.
    I am happy to have these. They will tend to be my 'throw-in-my-bag-just-in-case' IEM.
    Very happy with the color.
    I will see how they respond to a balanced cable (had a linsoul one coming but its been delayed).
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  4. jerick70
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  5. OldDude04
  6. Richsvt
    I'm looking to donate a couple older unused binoculars to the local library. Just pulled these out to have a look. A couple are in constant use...

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  7. KEV G
    Back from Canjam today and once again met some lovely people but couldn’t catch sight of that elusive @HungryPanda :smile_phones:
    Had a listen to the Solaris for quite a while and then went straight to the Rai Penta. Both awesome iems but once again fit was an issue for me, strangely enough it wasn’t the large size of the Solaris that didn’t sit right, it was the Rai Penta. Great fit at first but after about ten minutes the tell tale pressure points became all to obvious for me but I can see how they would fit the majority of people so well.
    Build quality on both of these is 2nd to none, very similar stock cables, but completely different sound signatures, so much so for me there is no comparison. The Rai have lots of details and I mean bucket loads and a bass that kicks hard when called for.
    The treble is a little too bright for me and I think would get to me after a while.
    The Solaris on the other hand is all the more smoother and well in keeping of the Campfire “house sound” plenty of details with a smoother treble very much like the Andromeda. The two things that really stood out for me with the Solaris is the bass and vocals. The bass really does sound like a HiFi with high quality speakers, not a booming bass but a real physical bass that makes itself felt when it really matters.
    The Solaris sound very similar to the Andromeda-S but with improved bass and vocal. If I buy these I’ll be selling my Andromeda-S as they are so similar I don’t think the Stainless Andro’s would get used as much so better to let them face @majo123 circle of life :L3000:
    Also had a listen to Empire Ears Nemeses, holy moly these things were making my head buzz and vibrate even after I stopped listening lol that is the most bass I’ve ever heard from an iem or headphone got that matter !!! They reminded me of some of the raves I used to go to :stuck_out_tongue:
    I think it will be best to leave it up to @Layman1 to fill you in on these uranium tipped bass canons as he had a real good listen. I will say one thing about the fit, fantastic and like the Solaris I forgot they were there !!!
    Spent some time with Marcus at the Effect Audio table trying some very nice and interesting cables out. Also chatting to the guy, don’t even know his name but he is Effect Audio, a super nice fella and happy to chat about anything Audio and not audio related.
    The Rupert Neve Fidelice headphone amp is a stellar piece of typical hi-end studio equipment but this is not for the studio, it’s for the desk top or my coffee table next to my Woo WA2 which brings me to my favourite part of the day, the WA33/Abyss, Diana and AB-1266 Phi, what can I say, it doesn’t get much better than this !!!
  8. mbwilson111
    He was the one with a PANDA on his shirt :). He was there for 5 hours !!!
  9. HungryPanda
    I survived CanJam 2019. Empire Ears stole the show for me. I really enjoyed the Warwick Acoustics booth listening to the Aperio, stellar till the guy told me the headphones and amp package was £20,000
  10. KEV G
    I know, I must be Panda blind lol
    There was a lot of people there today and most were facing an amplifier of some description with headphones on. Maybe next year then, third time lucky eh
    I managed to meet Layman and we both kept an eye open but to no avail. It did seem far more busy than last year so even harder to spot someone this time. I think next time we should meet up before we go in, I’m going back tomorrow for a few hours again, if Panda goes again I’ll have another go eh :smile_phones:
  11. HungryPanda
    I probably was sitting with my back to everyone at one table or other. I have to say I tried every Campfire Audio offering and really only liked the Solaris but it was a huge lump in your ear
  12. KEV G
    £20k :astonished: The WA33 is $8-15k with the Abyss just shy of $20k. Bonkers money but wow does it sound like it :L3000::L3000::L3000:
  13. KEV G
    It is a huge lump alright but for me a fantastic fit, the Vega I have are probably a quarter of the size and don’t fit as well, weird ears me lol
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  14. groucho69
  15. jerick70
    That's nothing in the higher end audio world. You can spend that on one cable. Lol. I would never spend that much but many people do.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019

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