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The Audio Lounge

  1. mbwilson111
    WOW Nineteen

    I hope no one has already done these...

    Joe Jackson on Letterman (1989) - Nineteen Forever

    Paul McCartney Wings

    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  2. groucho69
  3. grs8
    Maybe we should mention it is a ltd. offer until July 25th and you get R6 Pro Leather Case + Customized Leather Bag + 4.4mm to 2.5mm Impedance Adapter for free. :D
  4. groucho69
    How can anyone resist?
  5. Whazzzup
    blaze of glory may be fav joe jackson album
  6. majo123
    50 years
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  7. majo123
    Had my tin p1 and my Hiby r3 since yesterday... Very pleased with them both.. I understand why the bass heads didn't like the p1 though as it does lack the kick but it none the less is a fantastic iem and a keeper for me.... Bit of bass adjustment on the Hiby mseb and I'm more than happy!... R3 is a fantastic little player too just the right size, functionality with excellent audio for work... Not gonna be about so much guys, happy with what I got and other things going on but I will show my face and say hi.. Hope your all good.
  8. boblauer
    @majo123 hows the knee. leg and chi doing?
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  9. Midgetguy
    You just kinda have to don't you? I mean, at that price, you're LOSING money by not buying it :D
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  10. groucho69
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  11. majo123
    Chi is fine (fingers crossed) knee is awful hopefully seeing another doctor today or next week has had enough of constant pain.. Thanks for asking.
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  12. Light - Man
    Hey Majo, what does the Tin P1 do better than the Tin T3? I take it that the Tin T3 has better bass punch.......................

    Also how does the Hibby R3 compare to the R6 Pro, does it lose out on much with in-ears?

    BTW, I just got a telegram from your dog (Chi) asking me to get your monkey off his back!
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  13. KEV G
    Been away from the thread for a while but just thought I’d drop this in, new from Beth Hart :smile_phones:

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  14. majo123
    In my opinion everything apart from the lows...it's more smooth, more spacious, more realistic much better iem... The R3 isn't anywhere near the league of R6pro although it is excellent in its price range and better than mo... It is just my opinion though.
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  15. jerick70
    So the RE2000s are in the house..... I'm on the HifiMan loaner tour right now.

    IMG_20190719_092453.jpg IMG_20190719_092349.jpg

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