The ATH-A900X...of the in-ear world?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 28, 2007
I've thought about getting a decent pair of in-ears recently, and I'm wondering if there are any out there which have a similar sound signature to the A900Xs, because I really like them.  I realize I probably won't get the soundstage and sense of space that the Audio Technicas offer, but you guys know more than I do about in-ears.  The one caveat is my budget (around $100; $150 is really pushing it).  I currently own the Shure SE115s, which I received gratis, and they're okay, but kind of muddy.  I've looked at both the Etymotic HF5 and the Klipsch X10 so far.  I'm concerned about discomfort and lack of bass with the Etymotics, and I'm concerned about too much bass and a lack of durability (although I take very good care of my stuff) with the X10s.  I previously owned the S4s, and I really liked their comfort (I think I've got fairly small ear canals), but not their sound (admittedly, it was a fairly brief audition).  What other options are there in this price range?  GR07s?  Should I just go with TF10s?  Clarity and balance are important to me, and I think I could live with not as much bass if clarity is great, although I suppose it's a close second.  Comfort is very important, and isolation only slightly less so. Any help is appreciated.

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