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The Astell & Kern AK240

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mrbig, Dec 28, 2013.
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  1. jwbrent
    Totally agree about using a card reader connected to your computer to transfer music files. I have zero issues with a 256GB card, but perhaps the 400GB and above requires exfat.
  2. andani10
    OK, thanks for the reply.. Interesting to hear that you dont experience any issues.. ( I also know that "not recognized Card issue")

    Ill try again now formatting to ExFat and transfer my music again (takes 2,5hours grrrrr). I will post my experiences..
  3. TwoTrack
    I've been using the AK240 on trips and really enjoy it. The only downside has been battery life. It seems to run out of juice in six hours. Maybe the newer models do better.
  4. jwbrent
    How old is it? I have a 3 year old SS, and I get about six-seven hours depending on the sample rate. I also have other daps, so my guess is I’m way below average on battery use.
  5. TwoTrack
    Around 4 years. I have been playing the 24/192 Blue Note files so maybe that is a factor.
  6. jwbrent
    Definitely a factor.
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  7. chawya22
    I just had my 240 battery replaced a few months back and I still average about 6hrs of listening time per charge. As @jwbrent stated, file type plays a huge factor, in play time per charge and I also think, it's just the nature of the beast.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  8. Stephen George
    where did you have this done?
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  9. chawya22
    Directly through iRiver/Astell&Kern. My battery went into thermal runaway and I sent my 240 to iRiver and they sent the player to Korea. Quite a long journey but they provided 1st class customer service.
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  10. indra040293
    i've got a same problem like yours

    the problem 2 to be exact

    sometimes when i play music from my se card, it would hang and freeze. and only pressing power for a long time can help to restart

    at first i though it was the contact, and had tried cleaning it with contact cleaner, but it didn't help

    on my device, reseting the device help a bit, tho it will happen again after a while .... havent found any permanent fix, i want to try to downgrade my AK240 if possible to see if it was a problem on the software or the hardware

    btw i'm using sd card sandisk
    and had test it with my 128gb, 64gb, and even 32gb it still freeze sometimes (btw i had test the sd card on my ak70ii and it work perfectly)

    btw it never happen if i put the file on internal memory
  11. andani10

    Please have a look on your files on the Memory Card and see if you can find songs with 0kb Filesize.

    I found some on mine. I could not figure out any reason for this, maybe it happens by the copying process?

    After deletion of all songs with 0kb Filesize, i never faced that freez-problem again..

    Additionally, i believe its a SD Card issue (but thats just guessing)

    Kind regards
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  12. Stephen George

    just wanted to let you know, i got the new battery off ali pretty quick...was able to change it out in literally 5 minutes, now it lasts 12 hours or so on a charge
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  13. chawya22
    I'm sure other owners, will be happy to hear, that a third party battery is available. If my hadn't gone gone critically ill, I would have loved to do the work my self and save time and money. Can you supply the link and price, so others can take advantage?
  14. Stephen George
    i chose this one and also got a first time discount of $5, u need a tiny t4 or t5 forgot which one to remove the 2 screws
    i already had a small suction cup and guitar pick, it's best to start near the power connector, the back case has plastic tabs that snap to open and close

    love the fact they made this player "fixable" by the user
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  15. chawya22
    The link was broken but I did a search and found this. Is that the correct one? Looks like it's plug and play, which is excellent. No soldering needed. I'm sure all will appreciate your info.
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