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The Astell & Kern AK120

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by toxicdrift, May 9, 2013.
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  1. Sebaslete
    I have an ak120 titan and I would like to mod it but there's no one who is working in this device. Do you know someone who is doing this job?

    Red Wine Audio, is no longer doing it.

    Pleas Help!
  2. Speedstick
    Mezzo Soprano also stop doing the mod. I guess it is too late for you.
  3. xnuthecaveman
    Maybe try PW audio
  4. Reactcore
    Hey anyone has tips for a simular as ak120 warm and airy sounding upgrade?
    After 6 years its might getting time.
    I know i wont find gear with Wolfson dac signature anymore since that fabric went into cirrus logic.
    I tried a SP1000 but strangely found it sounding dry and cold. made me happy keeping my old companion. I listen mostly with a HD800 full size. I actually dont like the mojo's sound, kind of regret i bought it. Have been reading bout Kann cube but its soo chunky and heavy. Ak doesnt make small round edged dap anymore..
  5. burtomr
    I know what you mean about the AK120. Although it is pricey new, the Altmann Tera player sounds even better, some say much more warm and airy....I say more real, than the AK120. You might find one used if you search. It is also very small and easy to keep in a pocket.
  6. Reactcore
    Funny it plays only wav's, i have tons of flacs on two 400gb cards i have then to convert making them bigger size. And with no screen how can i find the track im looking for. By skipping? Btw i well sorted all meta data with album art.
  7. vlach
    Interesting comment about the mojo...i always wondered if connecting the optical out of my AK120ii into a mojo would yield a sq improvement. Is that how you utilized the mojo?
  8. Skyyyeman
    I've been using the Ak120 (not the ii) optical out into the Mojo for over 3 years. Good as the 120 is, the Mojo (with the 120 as source) is imo in another league. There's just no comparison. I think the poster above who didn't care for the Mojo is in the vast vast vast minority. But to each his own.
  9. vlach
    That is my impression as well. I was quite surprised to read that about the mojo having heard quite the opposite. This made me curious to hear if he has more to say about his experience.
    At any rate, thanks for chiming in with your experience. My only reservation about the mojo is the issue about the battery not holding its charge.
  10. greenmountain
    I still have the AK120 and a Mojo and I consider the Mojo a significant improvement over the AK120 alone. Recently I got a SP1000M and I like the sound significantly better than this combo with much more resolution, not that "warm" soft sound. I also tried the Mojo with the Sp1000M and it definitely degrades the sound: just fuzzier, slow and much less separation of different players/singers.
  11. vlach
    Just to confirm; you are describing the mojo as warm & soft when using the AK120 as transport?
  12. greenmountain
    Yes but similar signature with my laptop, phone or the Sp1000M. I discussed that with Chord at a show and they told me that the Mojo was designed that way to allow less than perfect headphones sound o.k. I am not saying that Mojo is bad and it definitely makes strident phones listenable but it was designed with a specific sound signature. It also matters which headphones are used!
  13. vlach
    Thank you for your perspective. Now that you mention it, i do recall reading user reviews describing the mojo as smooth sounding. I also recall some people saying the soundstage is somewhat narrow.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
  14. Reactcore
    I bought the mojo just to use it with ak.. but just like greenmountain mentions mojo sound less airy in the top. Bass and articulation of voice/instruments is top notch though.
    Im a soundstage head and just miss the air too much. I red on chord they made a trebble roll off on purpose. I just dont like that filter. I often wandered how mojo could sound if it wouldnt be suppressed. Even what if chord would make dual dac (fpga) setups giving better channel separation. This is a AK120's strength.
    I use a SD (super dupont) modded HD800 this combines really nice with the warm yet open sound of this AK.
    When i plugged my cans into the SP1000 i got ready for jawdropping performance but was left disappointed and confused. The signature was much colder giving a perception it sounded thin.
  15. Reactcore
    It doesnt make a difference what is used as transport.. Ak 1st or 2nd generation give the same sound cause its coupled in the digital optical domain. I use a old iphone 4 as wifi player/streamer with the ak (or mojo) as dac with usb. Ios doesnt upsample the bitrate and works with AK120. With android AK 1st gen wont.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
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