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The All-New WA7 Fireflies from Woo Audio

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  1. HiFiGuy528
    sounds like a software issue. Disconnect WA7 and all other USB devices, reboot the PC and reconnect once it's booted up. If you have audio programs or plug-in running, they may be taking priority (most non-native apps do this). The proper way to troubleshoot is to isolate the WA7 from everything else. We recommend a dedicated PC or Mac for music playback for best results.
  2. bobjane
    I've tried rebooting the PC, upon which there were no audio related programs running other than sound card drivers.
    My current PC is only weeks old and I had this issue when there were no USB devices connected other than the keyboard and mouse.
  3. HiFiGuy528
    You may be using the wrong driver. You have 1st gen WA7 so you need to use the driver from WA7d.
    - Remove all previously installed WA7 drivers before installation. 
    - Disable anti-virus and anti-malware programs before installation. 
    - Keep WA7 connected via USB and powered ON throughout the installation. 
    - Reboot computer after installation.
  4. bobjane
    I'm using the correct driver.
    WA7d is the later version with an added optical input.
    I have the earlier version with USB input only.
  5. HiFiGuy528
    no, the driver on WA7 page is for 2nd gen with XMOS controller. You have 1st gen WA7 with Cmedia controller. Please use the driver from WA7d.
  6. bobjane
    I think we're on the same page here.
    I'm using CM6631A_WIN10-1.01.
  7. HiFiGuy528
  8. bobjane
  9. HiFiGuy528
    Please email support with the following pictures for additional assistance, info@wooaudio.com
    - a good quality pic of your setup as-is
    - back of WA7 without cables connected
    - the current OS you're running
    - screenshot of audio devices preferences/settings
    Is the issue computer dependent? Do you have another PC or a Mac to try? You have tried removing previously installed driver and reinstalling with my link? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8coxkadcl0n06xk/AABVj1VlQhT_H8PLkwHJeDcSa/wa-7fireflies-driver-1.01-WIN10.zip?dl=0
    We look forward to helping you sort this out.
  10. LNCPapa
    It's not a driver issue HiFi - it's a hardware issue of some sort.  I contacted WA about this almost 2 years ago but was quoted something a bit more than I thought I should have to pay to get it corrected.  I have found a workaround though to getting mine working... I power it up disconnected (USB) and leave it on for 30-45 minutes.  After it's been on and doing nothing for that period of time I plug it back in and it seems to detect properly again.  The only option I'm seeing is using some other DAC which I've been thinking about the whole year+ I've been having this issue.  This happens with multiple PCs and using multiple USB cables and even in multiple locations.  When I go to headphone meetups I make sure to arrive early so I can let my amp warm up and be detected on the machine.
  11. shinjinian

    I can confirm this workaround works. It's a shame I didn't try this before I ordered a new DACmini because I'm pretty sure this is how I fixed this issue the last time.

    You sound like you're involved with Woo Audio. If you are would you happen to know if there's a WA7 upgrade program? I saw it mention in one of the threads for the 2nd gen model on here.
  12. bobjane
    Thank you for that, it's good to have a confirmation and some sort of workaround.
    I was quoted $479 plus return shipping for the DAC upgrade. It wasn't worth it for me personally as shipping it back and forth would have cost over $300. That's $800 towards a new amp.
  13. bobjane
    It occurred to me that since Woo Audio has a dealer in Australia, perhaps you could look into arranging an authorized repairer here.
    Most of Woo Audio's products are large and heavy. Shipping them internationally back to the USA is extremely cost prohibitive. If there was a local repairer available, customers wouldn't be so stuck when anything goes wrong.
  14. shinjinian
    Wow that's some crazy shipping costs, do you live outside of the US by any chance? I happen to be a native New Yorker so hopefully I'd be able to just drop it off since they're Brooklyn based if I did it but I'll probably end up just sticking with the DACmini and getting rid of the WA7. After all $480 is pretty steep for a DAC upgrade when I could probably sell it and get a 2nd gen model with the tube power supply for roughly the same investment. Thanks for the info on the upgrade though, now I know it's not really worth pursuing.
  15. bobjane
    I'm in Australia and unfortunately we have some of the highest postal prices in the world. Second only to the Canadians I think.
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