The All-New WA7 Fireflies from Woo Audio
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  a better upgrade would be the iusb from ifi. The WA7 DAC is powered by the pc's USB bus, so the ifi would remedy that by 'outsourcing' the power to its own low noise power supply.

There's a PSU coming out for the WA7.
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  There's a PSU coming out for the WA7.

That won't change the fact that the USB DAC is powered from your PC though. The new PSU is strictly for the AMP portion of the WA7 unless I'm mistaken.
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I disconnected the power supply and the DAC still works when switched to D/A so the answer is that the PS only supplies power to the amp section.
  I'm not sure which one it powers, or if its both.

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Which is exactly why you will need an external PSU to power the DAC at its best. That or get a better DAC that's isolated from PC power in the first place
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So, after almost 3 years on HeadFi, I wrote my first review.  Although it's on the HD800, it's as much about the synergy with the WA7.  The HD800 is so dependant on the source/DAC/Amp that I truly believe that its about the HD800 and the WA7 and what it brings to me.  Here's the review:
Be gentle :)
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I been using this to isolate USB power...
works very well and does not require separate power supply.  Is basically just a filter.  Curious to see how it compares to the iusb through a scope but it is pretty reasonably priced and simple.  I also have a couple of the Async DACs with 3mm and optical out. sound great as well and are very reasonably priced considering they are async and have saber dac inside.  would love one of these though with a highest end saber in it and the usb isolator built in.
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I am really surprised the WA7 doesn't have a small dedicated power rail for the DAC and isolate it and it's ground already.  If this is true I really think that should be the upgrade.
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What do you guys think of the Wa7 and the HE500 pairing? Have the WA7 on the way but that was before I heard the HE6s. Eying the 500s as my next pair of headphones so just wondering if anyone here had any wisdom to share.
Also, what does the rumored new powersupply upgrade improve on?
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  i need help im pretty sure my wa7 is broken. When i have it turned on full volume i can hardly hear it. is this a problem with the tubes some thing or software maybe?

Few tests :-

1) Any spare tubes to try? Strange that both would give trouble at the same time
2) Tried using it as an amp only fed by external DAC?
3) Tried using it as a DAC only feeding to an external amp? Both steps (2) & (3) will help to identify if the issue is in the DAC or amp section (somewhat but not fully).
4) Played with the switches at the back?
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What dac would be considered an upgrade from the wa7's dac?
I've got the upgrade bug again 


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