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The All-New WA7 Fireflies from Woo Audio

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  1. WooAudio

    Happy New Year!


    It is time to celebrate our new product WA7 “Fireflies”. Pre-order is now available. Order now to take advantage of our special appreciation price.



    o    Single-ended, class-A, transformers output
    o    Linear external high-performance power supply
    o    Two 6C45 driver/power tubes
       o    C-Media 6631 USB chip
       o    TI PCM5102A 32-bit DAC chip
    o    Headphones impedance : 8-600 Ohms
    o    Input impedance: 100 Kilo-Ohms
    o    Sampling rate: up to 32-Bit, 192kHz
    o    Inputs: 1 Asynchronous USB2.0, 1 RCA
    o    Outputs: 1 1/4" and 1 1/8" headphone outputs, 1 RCA (same connector as the input)
    o    Max output: approx 1 watt @ 32 ohms
    o    Frequency response: 11Hz to 27kHz, +/-0.5dB
    o    Distortion: <0.03%
    o    S/N: 95dB
    o    Power consumption: 25W max
    o    Mains supply: 100-120V, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, user selectable
    o    Finish: Anodized aluminum
    o    DC cord length: 4.25 ft or 1.3 m
    o    Dimension: AMP: 4.8" L x 4.8" W x 5.1" H with glass
                                PSU: 7.5" L x 3.5" W x 2.2" H

    o    Weight: AMP - 5.3 lbs / 2.4kg, Glass - 3.3 lbs / 1.5kg
             PSU - 2.8 lbs / 1.4kg

    o    Handmade output transformer with Nickel Alloy core
    o    32-Bit, 192kHz high resolution playback
    o    Ultra-low jitter USB 2.0 runs on Asynchronous mode
    o    high and low impedance output via switch
    o    Open load protection will automatcially enagage to prevent the amp from damaging when no headphones are plugged in
    o    Multi-functional switch for USB input, RCA input, and RCA output via D/A.
    o    All-aluminum chassis with no screws visible from any viewing angles
    o    High clarity tube protection glass
    o    Multi-layer military grade PCBs
    o    Customized driver for Windows Vista/XP/7/8
    o    USB Audio Class 2.0 is natively supported by Apple OS X version 10.6.4 and above without installing driver
    Jack @ Woo Audio
    P.S. You are welcome to try the production units at THE 2013 @ Flamingo Las Vegas Jan 8 to Jan 11th, 2013.
  2. caracara08
  3. kyoshiro
    whats the input voltage on that psu
  4. wolfetan44
    I'll take one for free[​IMG]
  5. belisk
    my m-stage just died, definitely on my late xmas list
    jack, are the custom drivers for windows supplied via website or on a CD or something?
    i assume the drivers are for the support of 32-bit/192k, can i get away with not installing them?
    what sort of DAC chip is it using?
  6. 3Pillars
    I am very taken by this unit. I am looking forward to auditioning this unit.
  7. HolyCheese
    Holy Smokes this thing is absolutely beautifull!
    I wish I could afford it. Good thing these fare well with low impedance cans. 
  8. CJG888
    Should be a good match for the HE-500....

    Are there any plans to release a pure amp version, without the DAC?
  9. DarknightDK
    Great new offering from Woo. Seems like a great deal with the promotional price.
  10. Lorspeaker
    Dimension: AMP: 4.8" L x 4.8" W x 5.1" H with glass
    u can park this lantern at STARBUCKS for an afternoon hangout. 
  11. solserenade
    Beautiful!  [​IMG]
  12. mcmcmmc
    Nice stuff!
    USB input = DAC+ Amp
    RCA output = DAC only
    so RCA input = Amp only? hmm did I get it right? :p
    Interested in the Power consumption and the chip used too!
  13. Audio Addict Contributor
    Subcribed as I would love to hear this in my system.
  14. navii
    I was dying to get this baby, but my new years resolution is not to buy any single item over $100 :frowning2:
    not saying the price is expensive
  15. Saraguie
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