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The all new Continental Dual Mono

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. tracyca
    I bought my first pair off eBay pacific tv out of Canada, and 20min ago just purchased a pair of ebay.
  2. jhog
    Quick question (and I suspect I already know the answer, but heyho....)

    I am the very contented owner of the Continental V2 and love the tube sound I get from it. I do find it a little noisy with low impedance cans and iems, but other than that it's a gorgeous amp.

    I've been eyeing up both the CDM and the Cv5, and wondered, is there a very substantial improvement in SQ and performance compared to the V2?

    If anyone's had experience of two or even all three of these amps, I'd much appreciate your thoughts!
  3. singleended5863
    I don’t own the new CDM and bought the old version by the end of last year basically same price like the new one. However, I like very much the look with glass of the old version and have not heard any noises or hissing sounds from the old one since I bought it.
  4. robbi22
    Guys i want to buy a new pair of tubes) What tubes i need to buy first of all??
    Mostly i listen heavy music)
  5. singleended5863
    BF7 (full sound)
  6. seedubchris
    I like the mullards. Sweet highs ,tight mids.
  7. Riviera72
    where can I find mullard or sonotone I've been looking for a few weeks?
    fotomeow likes this.
  8. tracyca
    Tubeworld exspress has pairs Mullard and ebay also.
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  9. Riviera72
    thanks I only find philips 6112 and ge 6112
  10. seedubchris
    They are rarer than hens teeth by now.
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  11. singleended5863
  12. tracyca
    Relaxing with the iPad Pro & CDM + IE 800s, nothing like tubes! Tong sol 6111 tubes from 1958 great sonics!
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  13. fotomeow
    hey, I just received my CDM. The stock Philips 6111a's, and ordered a pair of the sonotone's as well.

    how would you describe the sound quality/attributes of the Tung Sol 6111's?
  14. fotomeow
    The Sonotone's are in Stock at ALO right now!

    Probably, but with tubes, they seem to always be lurking somewhere, just need a determined buyer!
    cuz I want a pair of those Mullard 6112's as well :fingers_crossed:
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