The all new ALO Rx IEM amp! Now on sale.

Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. Indigo Bob
    The Rx thread has been a little quiet. I have recently purchased the Campfire Audio Vega and am learning just how good the Rx really is.

    When I listen to the Vega on the X3ii alone it is very good, but when I rig it up to the Rx the real magic comes out and am amazed at the experience once can have with an audio package as small as this.

    What the Rx allows sources to do is simply amazing and I can't recommend this amp more.

    Very happy to own Campfire Audio Gear and am very happy with the quality and what it brings and the experience their equipment provides.

    These really are TOTL products including this Rx Amp.
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  2. RuFrost
    I'm wondering, will Alo Rx will be enough to drive high ohm earbuds like VE zen (320ohm), AWK-F400S Pro or Seahf AWK-F400S (400ohm), TY500 etc...?
  3. 1TrickPony
    not the ideal but it sorta "works". experimented with the zen2.0 and the opus#1. The Rx added more depth and a sense of clarity. there's a nice roundness to the overall sound as well. that's what I recall best from that my experience.

    a "yes" for low level listening home use, and a unequivocal NO if you want to go out and about. it won't drive it loud enough.
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  4. RuFrost
    1) I'm only listening at home or in quite places)) Was there enough loudness? I mean, sometimes I can go near 80-90% of Rx's maximum volume with Monk+ (64ohm) just to hear the song's detail and to reach adequate level of listening.
    2) What amp would you use for tight earbuds?
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  5. 1TrickPony
    1- I'd look into other amps. I would recommend the Rx mainly for iems and hybrids or if you wanted to add an extra option to your favored dap.

    2- other amps? I haven't tried them but Cayin C5 would be a different amp that you can use with your Zen. An Opus#1 dap by itself would suffice really in my case. Other options include Aune b1 (heats up too much IME) or VE 100$ amp ( too big)...

    lastly, I'm cutting down on gear, if you wanted to buy either Zen 2.0 or Rx amp from me at a used price...I might consider a good proposal.

    I'm simply going iem all the way at this point. Expecting an Oriolus V2 hopefully by next week! :D
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  6. BrianLHR
    does alo rx work well with oriolus actually? planning on getting a oriolus and feeding it through a v20 (will get v30 soon) thinking if amps can improve the oriolus even more (that last 5%)
  7. 1TrickPony

    It seems your situation is different because I'm feeding my chain as such:


    Whether I'm using the Opus#1 or the Oriolus Dp100 dap, there is a significant increase of quality of imaging and soundstage (be it width or depth). If you're using an audiophile smartphone, your result may vary, unless your phone can bypass the internal amp.
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