The all new ALO Rx IEM amp! Now on sale.

Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. KB Contributor


    Introducing the Rx IEM amp.


    CanJam show special price for a LIMITED time only during the March 28-29 CanJam show only $299

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  2. Richsvt
    Very nice indeed. Been waiting to see what Ken has been developing. I would jump on this if I hadn't just purchased a Continental v3 from the warehouse deals just put out. Damn. I really like the design. What happened to the bass enhancement knob? Thank you Ken for keeping current. Appears you have been listening to what people want...I am really interested in seeing what the reviews are like.
  3. KB Contributor
    Thank you Richsvt,
    The Rx is totally different than the Mk3 which tended to have more coloration. The Rx is a more flatter transparent design we wanted to do with with earphones and have a attractive small footprint.
    Yeah we here have really had a long and massive redevelopment phase going on over the past 2 years or so. We are looking forward to seeing all the hard work materialize.
    Again thanks for your post
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  4. bflat
    Will there be a "B" version forthcoming? Also, the dual mono tube amp/dac looks awesome! Any plans on just an amp version?
  5. KB Contributor

    No plans for just a amp version but that is a good idea :wink:
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  6. Ultrainferno
    I just received mine. So pretty, wonderful package as well. Top USB cable. Everything top, like we're used to from ALO.
    It's charging, hope it sounds as good as it looks :)
  7. vhsownsbeta

  8. mscott58
    Got an Rx at the show (thanks again Ken for letting me walk it around and do some head-to-head comparisons!) and just listened to it on the entire flight from LAX to PHL. It's fed by a Fiio X3 and drives my Noble K10's. 
    What an awesome little amp! Major synergy with the K10's. Super resolving and engaging with a real focus on the music. I've moved from the Arrow 4T to the Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII and the Rx bests them both by a good margin. 
    To be clear this unit is a one-trick pony - it's only an portable amp for IEM's - but it's awesome at that specific job. No DAC, no gain switch (it's gain is set for IEMs) and no adjustments of any type other than volume. Minimalism at its best. 
    I've already started my notes for my full review, but that will be many weeks away as I put some serious miles on this thing.
    Thanks again Ken for a great little unit and cheers everyone
    PS - The inclusion of the Green Line USB cable is a major bonus! Was surprised when I opened the box up and saw that in there. Cool. 
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  9. vhsownsbeta

    Thanks for the quick response!
    I am looking at the Rx for my nobles too and have just noticed the special intro pricing...
    What is your opinion of the volume pot? Low level channel balance?
  10. mscott58

    No problems so far with anything and the pot works great. Ken sourced a pretty expensive piece from what I heard.

    The volume range for me maxes out just past my normal max volume, so it's good but also keeps me from blasting my ear drums out.

  11. vhsownsbeta

    Thanks. Incoming!
    Now I just have to resist adding that SXC8 cable to the order too...
  12. mscott58
    Here's some picks of my new ALO Rx IEM stacked with my Fiio X3. Almost exactly the same size and very good pairing. Cheers
  13. Ultrainferno
    I'd actually say the pot is the weak spot, I do have channel imbalance with my sensitive customs and volume gets loud so quickly I have to decrease the output volume of my source
    Awesome full bodied sound though, very musical
  14. KB Contributor

    Hmm that sounds inconsistent with all the ones we have tested and sent out. Would you mind if I sent you a label to get that back from you and check and see the gain on it? The potentiometer we used is a high grade conductive plastic pot that should have very good tracking. Please PM me for getting you a return label so I can check this. does not sound right to us.
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  15. bugula
    here's hoping the pricing runs until Friday cuz I'll have one coming my way if it does. :D
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