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The AKG K712 Pro Support and Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pina.cz, Apr 10, 2013.
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  1. swagadelic
    what amp do you use? :) i dont remember if i asked you or another person :)
  2. swagadelic
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  3. swagadelic
    i finally found a cheap headphone amp, its the B.tech bt928. Found it for 10 euro, but oh my god!

    it brought life to them that it was ages ago ive last heard, (from the pro-ject headbox €500) .
    compared to my old integrated philips amp from the 70s - it was an upgrade so huge, im flabbergasted.

    i feel euphoric atm. my k712 is alive, and for 10 euro...... now i have something until ive saved up for the headbox, afterall, its balanced and i crave that :)

    but oh my god, all the bass where the f*k have you been all my life <3

    im so used to different bass it feels like someone turned up the bass by like 15 db so im a litlte shocked atm :xf_eek:

    the only real comparison i can make currently since its so fresh in memory is to the AudioQuest dragonfly red.

    ur22 as the dac connected via unbalanced tele-rca connection - to the b tech as the amp: the dragonfly was way harsher and more treble oriented (while still sounding fairly silky and not too sibilant) but volume wise the k712 got distorted at 50%.

    but this.... the ur22 has a decent dac nothing special but with the help of a powerful op amp the k712 really sings....

    and compared to my integrated amp its no comparison, this is a brand new pair of headphones i have now, and ive not had that feeling since the headbox.

    the sound now is so wide, and the bass now so powerful- i feel I just have to do it all over again. learning the k712 all over again. this is huge.

    sorry for the rant, im so euphoric atm listening to the k712 for the very first time again . :xf_eek:
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  4. swagadelic
    to compare the new amp i got to the headphone out of the Ur22 mk2 ; max dial on the ur 22 is about the same as 9 o clock on the amp, and thats just volume nevermind the bass and soundstage response that is 100% lacking from the ur22.
    im still a litlte shocked still, lol.

    and i dont know if its the amp itself being darker or the fact that its now properly amped - but the treble that i find a little peaky at certain frequencies previously - are now gone. i instead find the treble a little lacking now; something my ears thanks me for.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  5. SSandDigital
    Your amp has tone control, wonder if that's where the bass is from. Although the reviews on Amazon say you should disassemble and desolder the tone control.
  6. swagadelic
    well the tone control is basically just a treble control. (it doesnt alter the bass)

    all it does is darken and brighten. with its max setitng being "flat".
    and yeah ive rread that too.. but i dont think i will bother its such a lift up from the previous setup i will be happy with this until bank roll is fatter : )
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  7. swagadelic
    i cant believe the scale these headphones has. and how different they perform on each scale.
    for example to the output of my UR22 - a setup many home musicians might have - they dont fair so good. the 6mw@40 ohm is not acceptable. but should you opt for a home audio interface with a more powerful headphone out like the Audient ID4 for near exactly the same price - your experience will be incredibly different from the guy who got the ur22. and thus reviews on these fu**ers might be incredibly different. i mean, not nearly everyone knows or thinks about these things.
    they think they are getting a studio grade headphone and a studio grade interface.
    and some store clerks dont know either, and will assure you this combo will work :wink:

    jesus. ive only had them a while but ive tried them on 4-5 hifi amps, 3 amp/dac combos, and 3 dedicated headphone amps.
    the k712 scale so much it makes me wonder why they put such a low price to them.

    since they knew that they were so freaking particular on the amplifier - they just had to lower the price a little.

    i wish these were 250 ohm, would make finding a decent amp so much easier, and would also work so much better on hifi/integrated amps. anyway, finally i get to appreciate these bad guys to the fullest because everything beyond this, will just be bonus. they are properly amped now and they sing it to me with every note. (it is very close to the experience i had with the headbox. and for a fraction of the price. incredible. what this amp lacks that the headbox had was: excellent and fuill treble. this amp is quite dark. excellent soundstage. this is still great. bass the same. great. volume, same. great. so all in all for a fraction of the price i lack excellent treble and wider and more precise soundstage. )
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  8. SSandDigital
    I think they are priced right. They're about $300 headphones. Reason being is they are really brightly colored. How they are considered studio reference confuses me. I like 'em, but definitely not a studio / neutral sound.
  9. swagadelic
    i suppose you are right at least from your standpoint/perspective :)
    i really think they are studio grade in terms of potential they have in mastering.
    they are very very good for this purpose, and they are on par with a speaker experience for some tasks. for mixing and producing but especially mixing i dont think they are perfect - id think a closed back would be better.
    i also agree they are not particularly flat or neutral :)
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  10. HungryPanda
    K712's are not good for recording studios but listening at home make you feel you are in one
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  11. swagadelic
    no it has no place in a recording studio. but it has place in a mastering studio :) at the very least; a home scale one :)
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  12. AIucardd
    Sorry, I just have to ask. I'm about to purchase some AKG. I Have two options.
    1. AKG k702
    2. AKG K712.
    Should I pay 150$ more for 712? I do need competitive headphones, put I have a fear of missing out on fun factor of hedphones... I'm using GSX1000 7.1 E-sports EQ for gaming, so, I think, bass won't be an issue... I heard k712 has more immersive (natural sounding) soundstage... does it making imaging and judging distance less accurate? Pls, I need to know, uncertainty is killing me.
  13. swagadelic
    to that post from @AmpingUp;
    ofc they are great for gaming..... but its a stupid argument!

    if i need a bicycle to help me get to the store to buy milk, i wouldnt buy a bike that can also compete in tour de france.
    obviously one of those bikes will get me to the shop with ease, but its quite silly isnt it?

    using a reference grade headphone designed to hear minute details of the frequency spectrum - compression artifacts, the details of different EQs and how they color differently, small changes to reverbs, eqs, faders, and about a dozen other uses it excels at for both mixing and mastering purposes- obviously its gonna handle gaming flawlessly.
    overkill by a couple of miles id say.

    and it also puts a smile on my face, the delusion that a pair of $300 headphones will improve their gaming ability over any other headphone.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  14. SHAMuuu
    My brother uses DT990 pro for gaming. I let him try 880 and 712, but he preferred them more for music.
    I asked him why he like dt990 pro
    He said, he can hear firing more easily from distance, footsteps, and it feels overall more lively in game. This are seen as "flaws" for music by many the elevated bass and treble with pro clamp.

    712 is a all in one package. Something like older k701 needs IMO a chain of electronic goodies to get what the k712 gives you plugged into a little dragonfly.

    I'm more oldschool in finding the most flat/neutral then finding some equipment to fatten sound, but thats me.

    I preferred k240 sextett lp more for music sometimes than k712 though i see k712 as technically superior and an upgrade.

    confusing preferences yep
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  15. Me x3
    I've owned 2 pairs of AKG K702, an AKG K712 and still own an AKG K701.
    I also own the original and quite pricey AKG K712 pads to make my K701 a K711 whenever I want.

    AKG K702 and AKG K712 have very similar treble shape, but different soundstage, lower mirange and bass.
    AKG K702 is very expansive with its angled pads that aren't memory foam. It aims for clarity and thus upper midrange and treble get more presence.
    AKG K712 is not as expansive but more focused sounding with its flat memory foam pads. It aims for natural sound, detailed yet full and relatively easy on the ears with a wide range of recordings and equippment.
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