The AKG K712 Pro Support and Impressions Thread

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  1. axtran
    Just received my K712 Pro's today! They sound quite amazing through my Master 9. I don't think there's anything that the Master 9 can't drive that I own so far, though... Likely will do the balanced mod in the future--is there a "standard" to wire the pin-outs to that's recommended?
  2. DW75
    To EQ, you use Equalizer APO with the PEACE add on. I will copy and paste my instructions I put up here a couple pages ago for someone else below.

    If you want to improve the sound of your K712 Pro, I highly suggest using Equalizer APO with the PEACE add on, and using my EQ set. It takes this headphone to the next level in sound quality.

    I will give you my EQ set, the download links for Equalizer APO and PEACE, and basic instructions of how to set it up.

    Pre-Amplifying: - 4

    160Hz: - 1
    200Hz - 1
    250Hz - 1
    315Hz - 1
    2kHz: - 1
    3.15kHz: + 2
    4kHz: + 1
    8.5kHz: + 0.5
    10kHz: + 0.5
    12.5kHz: - 0.5
    16kHz: + 0.5

    First, run and install the Equalizer APO. When you install, right click on it first, and run as "Administrator". After installing, run the "Configurator" file, and select the sound source you want to EQ, and reboot. After rebooting, you copy the Peter's Peace GUI file into the config folder for APO Equalizer in and run it from there. Right click on the PEACE file, and run as "Administrator". Go in and set up your EQ settings. After you have selected your EQ adjustments you want, you click on the "Save" button to save your selection to the folder. You now just minimize Peter's Peace GUI. You now have an easy to use GUI for APO. You can add bands, remove bands, and change the band values quite easily.
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  3. Jralston89
    Would you still recommend a sound card over a DAC knowing this?
  4. DW75
    I recommend a sound card if you plan on using it for anything beyond 2 channel audio needs. If you only need two channel, you may as well just get an external DAC such as the ODAC.
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  5. DW75
    Hey Jralston89, did you end up deciding on anything ?
  6. Jralston89
    Hey DW75, after speaking with you i decided I would just test the headphones when they come in with the amp (schitt mag 3). See how they sound and how they work in game, go from there.
  7. MorrisVentus
    Hello community.

    Any tips on washing the pads?

    I got k712 2 months ago, but pads kinda smell... weird. So was wondering if there is a way to wash them properly.
  8. DW75
    Washing the pads is easy. You just remove the pads from the headphone, and then wash them with warm water and a bit of dish soap. After that, hand dry them using a towel. You can then leave them to air dry for 24 hours, and put them back on the headphone.
  9. Wallboy
    You wanna just share the .peace config file? Not sure what your Q settings are.
  10. DW75
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  11. MorrisVentus

    exactly how much time do I need to burn it in? So far I think I burnt it for 30 hours. and it is not getting any better. I just leave headphone with music playlist on overnight. is there a specific method of burning?

    I am currently using amp/dac of R2R-11. I checked the diaphram and all that but cannot see any rattling.

    I am not sure about what you mean by the glue. Is there any visual you can guide me through?

    Thank you.
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  12. Shoewreck
    Here's the K612 with pads twisted off and foam removed, please note an uneven lower left edge of the diaphragm. That's the excessive glue.
    It's clearly a factory defect, but, since it doesn't impair listening experience any more, I don't bother.
    I could only clearly see diaphragm distorting while playing a loud static sine of about 20Hz. You may try downloading a tone at and play it genlty raising volume until rattle occurs. If the diaphragm distorts while rattling you just leave it playing. Playing music at moderate volume doesn't apply enough stress.
  13. MorrisVentus
    Thank you for your reply.
    When I looked at my k712, I could not locate uneven gluing like yours.

    However, I did identify in which frequency it does rattle.

    When I do full sweep, I can actually hear rattling up to 200hz (very small, but can hear it)

    From here, when I did the test, I could hear rattling starting from 80 hz to 20 hz.

    So I will now leave it on overnight, and for 10 hours, and see how it goes.
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  14. alphanumerix1
    Worth a upgrade from the 612 to 712?
  15. DW75
    Absolutely, it is totally worth the upgrade.

    Edit: I should have given you a couple of reasons, so here we go.

    First off, the K712 Pro reaches lower in the bass regions. It is tighter, more defined, accurate, and cleaner in the bass. The K712 is capable of reaching down lower into the sub bass. The K712 Pro does have a tad too much midbass. However, this can be removed quite easily with EQ. In fact, this headphone responds incredibly well to EQ. The K612 and K712 both have that classic 2kHz AKG hump. There is quite a difference though in how it sounds on each headphone. The K612 Pro has a 2kHz bump which is somewhat grainy. It tends to cause fatigue for some people, myself included. It gives a bit of an edge to music, and sounds a tad harsh in character. I ended up selling my K612 Pro a couple years ago. I found that the 2kHz hump on that headphone gave me headaches. After it happened over and over again, I could not deal with it anymore, and sold it. As mentioned, the K712 Pro also has a 2kHz bump, however, there is no grain to its presentation. To me, it is once again too elevated, but there is no harshness to its character at all. It is far smoother sounding, even though it is still too forward. The K712 Pro has improved imaging, and a larger soundstage than the K612. Detail retrieval is increased. Granted, the soundstage on the K612 is already decent, but it just does not compare to the width and depth of the K712. In terms of treble, the K712 Pro offers more detail. It is smoother up top, and offers much better control. I always found that the K612 Pro seemed to struggle to reproduce that detail I wanted in the upper treble region. This is not an issue at all with the K712 Pro. This is a slightly warm, yet very musical and revealing headphone. i think you would really enjoy the upgrade.
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