The AKG K712 Pro Support and Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by, Apr 10, 2013.
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  1. Rob80b
    Bit more observations while in the thick of things.
    How much bass do they guys have, well I did mention previously that I’m a speaker guy, right, (not solely though [​IMG]) so I do compare my phones output periodically to them. Doing just that while listening to Underworld’s dubnobasswithmyheadman the K712s had more apparent bass than my Dynaudio Special 25s  which are augmented with a 15” Velodyne, and it’s dialed in rather flat using Velodyne's SMS-1.
    I’d really have to say that the K712s may have too much of a good thing, the Senns HD700s are much flatter and match the speakers/sub output to a T, but without taking an actual reading I would venture to say the AKGs may have a bit of a mid bass bloat.
    The HD700s also match my Dynaudio 25s tonally, again the 712s coming across warmer and less defined, the HD700s having better image focus and staging, which I attribute to the Sennheiser’s attention given to designing and integrating the new ear cups, baffle and driver.
    Still the K712s are an enjoyable listen and a far cry from my original K501s and K701s and if I hold onto them, probably my go to for movies.
  2. roskodan
    yup kind of feel the k712 being to the k701 like the lcd3c to the lcd2c, meaning lacking that dry mid bass punch while having more articulation and sub bass therefore the bloated feel to it especially with EDM, that loudness V shaped feel
  3. Silent Xaxal
    Any recommendations on a good amp that could drive these things? Am thinking of potentially picking one up (Undecided, but leaning this way), and I'd just want to know if there is a portable amp out there that could power these things.
  4. kman1211

    In terms of portable amps, the FiiO E12 powers them without issue and is a pretty good match for them. I haven't tried all that many portable amps though.
  5. XIX47
    How fast is AKG customer service typically in the US? I did inspect my headphones for the left speaker rattling issues during bass, and there were no noticeable hairs in the driver with a magnifying light.
    I am already not in a good mood since my headphone stand had arrive earlier on Wednesday.
  6. cocoonsyd
    Hi, I know this is stupid but could you guys help me check something? Just open the following sample of 60Hz sine wave, turn up the volume and listen with your k712s. Can you hear a high frequency noise in the left side? I have this noise in the left side but not in the right side. Just want to know if this is a common problem or just my pair. Thanks a lot!

  7. new reformation

    My K712's had rattle in the left cup as well. It only manifested with really powerful sub-bass but when it was there it was incredibly annoying. I am not sure about AKG's customer service, but if you are still within your return window I recommend that route. For me the rattle was a deal breaker...
  8. Asr
    FYI, to amp the T1 correctly, you need to use an amp capable of high power output right at 600 Ohms (the T1's impedance). Most regular amps, and even most HT receivers, aren't really capable of that. Not many amps can drive the T1 correctly—but some that can include the SPL Auditor & Phonitor, Schiit Valhalla 2, and Garage1217 Project Ember (and some DIY amps like the B22).
    It's been about 4 years since I had the T1 so I can't really say much about how it compares to the K712. I'd guess the K712 to have a smaller-scaled soundstage, and less clarity overall. Definitely added emphasis in the mid-range, especially in the female vocal range. The T1 actually lacked some treble to me (and I think the same of the K712 too for that matter), so I'm not sure you want to use my opinion as any kind of reference....
    Neither the T1 or K712 are what I'd call "balanced" or "life like" btw. I've really only found that kind of sound from certain discontinued headphones (Grado HP1000 and Stax OII MKI). Most of the in-production headphones I've heard have deviated too much from that goal.
  9. XIX47
    Yep, that described my experience with the rattling as well. However, I really do enjoy the SQ from these headphones, and they are MUCH more comfortable than any other headphone I have tried for my huge head. Any other headphone would clamp my head, smash my ears/ rub against them, and touch more of my skin. So I just want my pair to be fixed from the rattling left driver and I am good to go.
  10. jaysins
    I have no rattling in mine and for the video posted below it plays in both ears just fine on my headset. 
  11. Rob80b
    Well eat my hat and chuck me in the river, I should have done this right from the start and feel really stupid.
    Swapping pads between the K701’s and K712s more or less leveled the playing, meaning the K701s with the new 712 pads, for all intents and purposes, now sound like the 712s, including the bass and the well worn 701 pads on the K712s has given them all the negative attributes I noted earlier on the K701s.
    I know new/different pads can make a difference, but the change was startling!
    Now to go crawl in a hole somewhere and re-read all 217 pages of this thread. [​IMG] 
  12. DivineCurrent
    Well, I did try the T1 out of a vintage Nakamichi receiver, plenty of power there, it did sound a little better and more controlled. I think I'm just not a fan of the sound sig. I prefer warmer sound, so hopefully the K712 will be good for me. 
  13. john57
    Does the K712 have a sort of pivot joint that you can move the top of the cups in and out so that you have even pressure from the top of the cup to the bottom like the K812?
  14. Rob80b

    Might be the recording, can you play it in mono or reverse the channels going to the amp/phones?
  15. Jeromie
    Mine just arrived new in the mail today, and the left cup sounds like a plastic shaker egg, meaning I can literally shake it and hear broken bits of stuff rattling around inside.
    yep, also the wire headband that gives the whole thing structure is very flexible, they're the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.
    I hear it in both left and right ears, tested by listening one at a time. Nice catch for you, but needs to step their game up because there are a ton of noises besides a 60hz hum in that clip!
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