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The AKG K712 Pro Support and Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pina.cz, Apr 10, 2013.
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  1. chicolom
    Have you tried contacting AKG, via Frank, who is in charge of replacement parts (including the pads)?  That's where most people in the US get them.  Maybe they can ship them to you for an additional shipping cost.
    Spare parts
    Frank Rodriguez frodrigu@harman.com 
    Phone:  +1 818 920-3279
  2. grizzlybeast
  3. Sil3nce Moderator
    These are excellent cans for vocal and progressive trance. I think they do much better with electronica than genres like jazz. This is in part to the overall tonality of the AKG Kxxx series. 
    I'm not a basshead, I prefer my bass accurate and well extended. It's more than enough bass quantity for me, and the imaging is exceptional. 
  4. aikoN
    Hi! I'm listening to trance/progressive/vocal on K712's. These are not basshead's phones, though I appreciate their bass, not too less, not too much. Very well balanced.
    I love their midrange and non-fatiguing highs, can listen hours and not get tired of sound. 
  5. deadspider187
    I've had a pair of k712's for a couple of weeks now and I am really liking them so far.  Out of curiosity, has anyone compared them to the LCD2.2 or HD700's?
  6. Change is Good
    If they were the thicker K712 pads, I'd offer to buy them off you.
    Like chico mentioned, try contacting Frank at AKG parts for some angled Q701/K702 pads, very nice guy and extremely helpful :)
    Edit: which leads me to ask... has anyone tried the memory foam pads on the K601/K612? [​IMG]
  7. K_19
    That I did, and unfortunately it seems as if there isn't much Frank can do for me because he apparently can't ship them to Canada.  He redirected me to a dealer here in Toronto who can get them through AKG but apparently they want a whooping $35 for each pad for them (compared to $15.50 each for the USA residents) and I'd have to wait until APRIL to get them.... which is pretty ridiculous.... Moon Audio/Headroom both charge similar amounts PLUS charge ridiculous $40 shipping which I find unreasonable for a pair of headphone earpads.  $110~120 total to import a pair of headphone pads (and that's without possible duty fees) to Canada, plus a 2 month wait time? Come on... [​IMG]
    If anyone can help me out here, Frank did offer to ship it free to a US Address, so if I can have it sent to an American member's address (preferably somewhere close to Ontario like New York, Michigan, Ohio, etc, for quicker shipping time), I'd gladly pay them to ship it to me in Canada plus some gratuity on my end too... It'd be greatly appreciated.  If anyone can help out please PM me, Thanks!
    Edit: Got Change is Good to help me out. Thanks again!! Really appreciate it.
  8. roguegeek
    I have the K702AE and HD 700. Have compared these together extensively. I love my Annie, but I use it exclusively on my gaming rig now because 1) it's amazing for competitive gaming and 2) I prefer the HD 700 over the K702AE for any type of music.
  9. Sil3nce Moderator
    The K712 is more neutral with a holographic soundstage that is both wide and deep.
    As to the HD700, it has a warmish signature like the K712, but the treble is much more prominent. 
    Technically speaking, I find the K712 to be a better reference headphone when compared to the HD700s. It even sounds pretty good next to my T1. 
    However, some people might prefer the more engaging presentation of the latter.
    Also, I would like to add the K712 is not the K702 Anniversary, regardless of the pads. I can confirm they are definitely different sonically.
  10. devhen
    I disagree, I don't find the K712 to be any deeper than the DT880 or HD600 or pretty much any other open full size cans I've heard. Its wider though. After hearing the TH600 nothing else I've listened to sounds deep. I feel like its an area that most manufacturers could really improve on.
    The HD700's are awesome but again aren't noticeably deeper than any of my other open cans. Maybe slightly. The HD700 has great separation that does give the impression of good depth. The issue with the HD700 for me was a small portion of the treble where it sounded uber-emphasized, like it was distorting and clipping. For me it was a glaring flaw on an otherwise excellent headphone that is superior to the K712 im almost every way unless you strongly prefer the forward upper mids flavor of the AKGs.
  11. Sil3nce Moderator
    The HD700 is nowhere near superior to the K712 in almost every way.
    As for the HD700, as much I like it, I'm starting to see it's deficiencies more and more. Especially after trying it on upscale sources.
    Have you modded the K712? Probably the reason why. There's way too much dampening.
  12. devhen
    No mods. I've got a stock K712 that I've had for a while and know quite well and the HD700 I only had for a week so take it with a grain of salt. I didn't do particularly extensive tests between the two but to my ears I didn't hear anything about the HD700 that was inferior to the K712 aside from its treble issue.
    In what aspects do you think the K712 beats the HD700?
  13. Sil3nce Moderator
    Neutrality. Scales better. The treble is in-offensive. No upper mid peaks. Cheaper. 
    I wouldn't say the HD700 is worse or better than the K712, just not worth the MSRP by far. And definitely not for young sensitive ears. 
    You should look into modding the K712, they open quite nicely, and the vocals are some of the most accurate I've heard for the price range.
  14. kman1211

    I have to agree personally. I found that with the HD 700, the treble was too much for me to bear given I have young sensitive ears, the HD 800 I heard bothered me even more in the treble than the HD 700 as I found it even brighter.
  15. Sil3nce Moderator
    Thank you for your input. It's quite true though. I couldn't really listen to electronica or trance on the HD700s on certain tracks. The treble just really distracted me from enjoying the music.  
    But of course, I did enjoy them overall. So this isn't meant to detract or put them down at all :)
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