The AKG Giveaway - Part 2: K100
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Still no word from the lucky winner. 48 hours is coming fast.
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Originally Posted by Fitz /img/forum/go_quote.gif
and Lectorcito who got lucky by changing his guess to "x" which is correct both as a wildcard and as a roman numeral.

i rolled my eyes so hard that i laughed.
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Originally Posted by GlorytheWiz825 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You're a crazy man Fitz. :p Who keeps 10 headphones on on his/her desk?!

I ran out of room in the closet.
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Originally Posted by Lectorcito /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Still no word from Azure?

Way past the deadline and still no word. Looks like the ball is in your court now. 48 hour timer BEGIN!
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Hah, my bad. Been a little busy with school

Congrats, Lectorcito!
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22 if its still on
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Originally Posted by Fitz /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The AKG Giveaway is a series of giveaways being hosted to take some of the headphones I use infrequently and distribute them to somebody who will be more likely to use them. There are no restrictions for who can enter, and the drawing is done completely randomly with no "cherry-picking" who can win.

Part 2 is for the AKG K100:

There are a few small rules:

1) The deadline is exactly 100 hours after this post is made, so no entries will be allowed after that point.

2) To be included in the drawing, you must correctly guess how many headphones I have sitting on my desk right now at the time of this post.

3) Only one guess per contestant will be allowed. You can change your mind and make a new guess later, but it will cancel any previous guesses you made.

So... let the wild guessing commence!

Who won?

Bit late, but how about 24 ... <VBG>

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