The AKG 702 detachable cable
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Apr 18, 2009
People told me aside from the design, that was the only difference. I looked at the 702's and they are almost twice the price of the 701's. So I'm wondering what does the detachable cable used for? Easier for upgrade, better sound, etc? Also people told me 702's don't sound all that bad unamped on the ipod. Is this true? Thank you very much! Don't hate because I'm really new to all of this.
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upgrading is really the only tangible benefit. And yes you can run it off an ipod. How good it works in another matter.

last time i checked there wasnt that big of a price difference. You can get a new K702 off ebay for around $260 and i think the K701s dont go much lower than $230. Really comes down to if you think the cable and color is worth $30. There was also a headband difference, where the 702 had more "bumps" on the underside which made it more comfortable, but i believe all of the recent K701s use it now as well.
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Easier for upgrade,


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better sound, etc?

Not sure.

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Also people told me 702's don't sound all that bad unamped on the ipod. Is this true?

Very wrong.
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It will certainly get loud enough from an Ipod if thats what you mean. You'll just have to crank the volume up. Its not kind to lossy files though which often populate most peoples portable players.

Its also a love/hate HP for quite a few people so i hope you've at least tried them. If not you may want to look into something else, especially something more portable device friendly, like an SR60.
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Hi Roadteez, I just plugged in my 701 directly into my iPod and found it only went to moderate volume levels at it's max. An amp not only brings out the volume but greatly fills out the sound. If you insist on not using an amp I think Grado is a better way to go. Even though my 225 sounds better amped, it's pretty decent and loud straight out of my iPod. YMMV of course, but that's my take. Ross
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i believe denon d2000 or d5000 is what he looks after ... k702/1 is crap directly from the hp of an ipod
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I'm going to say that there is a huge difference between the K701 and K702 and I owned both at the same time for a while.

Hey Troy,

Can I ask what you found is the main differences. I just got the 702 and realise now that it is very difficult to make them balanced compared to the 701 and wondering if I should exchange it for the 701??
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For the denon's, I thought they excelled with Classical, now people say they are horrible with it. AKG's are great for Jazz and classical right? I thought that was the same for the Denon's.
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AKG makes two cables for the 702, a straight one that comes with it, and a coiled one for a shorter in-studio kind of an application. The connector just makes it easier to swap out.
You'll get sound from an ipod, and it's not horrible, but if that's what you are using only, you'll want to get a more efficient pair of headphones.
There is no sound difference between the 701's and 702's though. Just headband bumps, color, and cable.
Hope this helps!

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