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Discussion in 'Music' started by magiccabbage, Sep 18, 2014.
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  1. magiccabbage
    Hi guys guys I am trying to compile a collection of acoustic music - for anyone interested in expanding their musical taste I would appreciate if you posted here. 
    I am always looking for new acoustic music because I love to listen to this genre with HD800 partly because acoustic music just sounds great with this particular headphone. 
    I am personally more interested in older acoustic music especially music recorded between 1950 - 1975 but any album from any genre is welcome. 
  2. magiccabbage
    I will start with these 2 albums that I think sound great ¬ 
    thumbnail_8_239.jpg    MI0002022003.jpg
  3. bigshot

    The Stanley Brothers
    The Louvin Brothers
  4. kevin gilmore
    piano counts right?
    jelly roll morton
    oscar peterson
    art tatum
    thelonius monk
  5. magiccabbage
    Nice one - right on the button, i'm gonna have a look at this stuff now - thanks for posting [​IMG]
  6. magiccabbage
    sweet - never heard of Jelly roll morton. Ill try some now. ~I do love Oscar though [​IMG]
  7. Skylab Contributor
    All of the albums by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman are terrific, but best to start with this one


    The recent MFSL vinyl reissue is INCREDIBLE.
  8. magiccabbage
    brilliant thanks for posting
    I'm gonna check out some of this guys albums - just stumbled across it today ¬

  9. Quinto
    Tfirst album that comes to mind..
    Also great guitar and clarinet, played at a private birthday party
    (does chamber music fall into the acoustic category?)
    Interesting tread, I'll be back [​IMG]
  10. MattTCG
    I was just going to post Bills Evan: Complete Village Vangard Recordings. One of my top five recordings of all time. 
  11. zhenya
    I love really well recorded acoustic music so I'm in.
    A couple I've been into lately.
    This one is great if you are into a certain type of Texas sound. Very simplistic but really captures the early '70's bar ambiance.
    And in a different vein, The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings is Coltrane at his finest and it sounds fantastic to boot.
  12. magiccabbage
    I haven't heard this either- great stuff. 
  13. magiccabbage
    chamber music definitely does. By the way I love Lenny Breau. 
    Quinto what 50's acoustic would you recommend? Is there anything out there similar to The Kingstown Trio that you might have heard? 
    I love this song ¬ 

  14. magiccabbage
    Wow - I'm gonna be all over this. Anything else like this? Bring it on - this is great.  
    Also the loving brothers are right on the money - Can you think of anything else like this? I am really interested in this music
  15. bigshot
    Sorry! I zoned out... That is the Osborne Bros, not the Stanley Bros... Here is the DVD that is excerpted from.
    But there is a great set of DVDs of the Stanley's 1960s TV show too.
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