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The 3-Word-Game

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  1. mofonyx
    Okay, I usually play this with my coursemates during a boring lecture. What we do is we write 3 words down on a piece of paper, pass it on and everyone has to contribute 3 words.

    So I'll start with 3 words, the next poster has to add 3 words to make up a sensible sentence or story. Feel free to use punctuations where necessary!

    Please copy & paste the sentence/words from the previous post so that the person reading the latest post can understand what's going on..


    One day, I ...
  2. goldenratiophi

    Originally Posted by mofonyx /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    One day, I ...

    ...died. The end.
  3. SonicDawg
    Cut! Take two!
  4. Dzjudz
    Don't even try this thread, the four letter word game was closed in the end as well, as being one of the most useless thread ever.
  5. mrdeadfolx
    "Then I died." (just to be double sure)
  6. DJ Mauler

    Originally Posted by mrdeadfolx /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    "Then I died." (just to be double sure)

    Greatest Story Ever!
  7. vcoheda Contributor
    shouldn't there be a "what" in the thread title.
  8. ken36 Contributor
    That went well.
  9. MoreCowbell
    ...it's all good!
  10. Fitz Contributor
  11. stewtheking
    This... fails...
  12. Fitz Contributor
  13. goldenratiophi

    Originally Posted by Fitz /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Three words, please.

    Here you go!
  14. ken36 Contributor
    She suddenly looked...
  15. Duggeh
    This thread only proves even more that we need a "******** threads" subforum.
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